Monday, January 31, 2011

What's Your Signature Style?

Your style is something that reflects your personality and creativity, and is also is what people see first besides your face, so it’s a huge factor in first impressions! Whether it be a first date, first day at a new school, or an interview your “style” is what sticks out the most and you want it to reflect who you are. Here are some tips I’ve always fallowed in how to find and maintain my style:

Tip# 1 Determine your personal style.
            Determine whether you are contemporary or traditional. From there are a few different styles, there’s classic, bohemian, punk, sophisticated chic, trendy (ever-changing with the times) 60’s inspired, 80’s inspired, 90’s I could go on and on. And it doesn’t have to be black and white FASHION IS NOT BLACK AND WHITE haha, it’s always changing and evolving. It’s okay to have more than one. I consider myself as a modern classic chic with a trendy twist, for example I take trends that I’m comfortable with and incorporate them into my wardrobe in a more demure way, nothing over the top and that works for me.

Tip #2: Imitate a celebrity.
            Think of a celebrity whose style you are drawn to for instance one of the Olsen twins, Rachel Zoe, the Kardashian sisters, Lauren Conrad, Blake Lively, Rachel Bilson, there are so many to choose from and it’s even better to have more than one who has the same taste! After you have found a celebrity google their style, for example just type Kim Kardashian’s style or for a more specific search you can type in Kim Kardashian casual style, fashions, beach day, ect. You can also look at magazines, interviews, and tabloids they’re in. From that you can see what they’re wearing and pretty much copy them whether it be the same exact outfit or just taking pieces from it. Also keep in mind your body type, if you can find a celebrity who’s style you love but also has your body type then great! But if not that’s fine too. Just keep in mind that there may be some things that work for them but may not for your shape. You can also take any celebrities style and add your own personal touches to them as well!

Tip#3: Don’t be afraid.
            If you like something then wear it! The most important thing about style is it’s a reflection of YOU and it needs to suit your personality. If you’re out shopping with family or friends and they don’t like a shirt you like go into the fitting room and try it on anyway. Look in the mirror and first think if you like it and if it suits you well. Then take their criticism into consideration and see if you’re comfortable. You may come to the conclusion that maybe they are right and not get it ORRR you may fall in love with it. If you really love something and think it suits your style well, then don’t be afraid of what people think and buy it!

Tip# 4: Remember what suits your Body and coloring.
            Take these into consideration when shopping for your style… your body type, hair, skin, and eye color, and height. You always want to make sure you’re choosing colors that compliment your coloring and outfits that compliment your body shape. Like I said before just because something works for one person it may not work for you also just because something doesn’t work for a friend it may still look great on you!!

Hope this helps!

Ta Ta for now!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Shop and Still be Fashionable on a Budget

*Don't go to those stores above!
*Pick 3 basic neutral colors that complement you.
*List of low priced stores below!
“Building on top of your closet” – pick neutrals (black, white, brown, navy, grey, camel, dusty pink) and accessorize with jewelry, scarves, bags, and belts. There are ways to trick the outside eye, in that I mean there are ways to look like you have more cloths in your closet than you actually do! You can make multiple outfits out of one basic top this is where your neutrals come in to play. For example pick a neutral color that goes well with your skin type (I will be posting a “Colors for your Skin/hair/eye type” soon!) say it’s black… get a basic long sleeve shirt in that color with little to no detailing on it ,by this I mean a little embroidery or lace is fine but preferably I would choose a shirt with none. Take that shirt throughout the mall with you and find what I like to call your 4 J.A.B.S.:
This is my fun little acronym I’ve come up with to make it easier for clients to remember and understand! ;)

NOW, to break this down for you we’ll start with Jackets! This includes blazers… You can take any simple shirt and pair it with a nice jacket or blazer that is a complementing color. If you have chosen a cool neutral color like a black shirt then a complementing color would be another cool tone such as white, ivory, grey, navy, or even a light pink! If you don’t have a blazer of a jacket I suggest you get one, these are great staples and an amazing way to spice up an outfit too!!

Next we have my favorite part, Accessories! That black basic shirt can easily be livened up with a long necklace, a nice bracelet, or some statement earrings. I always say if you feel your outfit is missing some oomph then go with a piece of costume jewelry, it’s trendy, it’s everywhere, they are typically low priced and sooooo cute! Tip: don’t go overboard, it’s all about balance. Either choose a pair of dangling earrings with a simple low key bracelet or the long necklace with either a small earring or none at all. Also other accessories that liven up your outfit would be scarves (my obsession!) belts cinched at the waist, cute boots, flats, heels, and bags!

For Bottoms I feel it’s easiest. I always keep: 1 pair of dark washed skinny denim, 1 pair of dark washed bootcut denim, black pants, black leggings, a lighter legging, black or grey shorts(which can be paired with tights in the fall/winter), and a skirt of choice. These are my basics that suit my style and coloring for you it may be different like maybe you like the acid washed skinnies because it’s more you and that’s very important to stay yourself just make sure they compliment the rest of your wardrobe and you will be all set!

Lastly are Sweaters (or cardigans)!!! Another great staple to have in your closet, it can be a light sweater, a heavy sweater, a long sweater, or a short sweater, whichever you prefer, but please DO NOT forget to keep in mind these pieces have to COMPLIMENT your closet! That is the key objective to shopping on a budget. ;)
And this is what I call, building on top of your closet.

 Now this is the fun part!! Let’s go back to our basic black long sleeve shirt and make 3 outfits from it!
Outfit #1: black shirt, grey cinched waist blazer, long necklace, dark wash skinny jeans, ankle boots with heel.
Outfit # 2: black shirt, long silver and white colored costume jewelry necklace, OR a snow leopard print scarf,  simple bracelet, grey shorts paired with complementing tights, pair of boots like Ugg knockoffs.
Outfit # 3: black shirt, grey short wide sleeved sweater cinched at waist with medium sized belt, leggings if the shirt and sweater are long enough or skinny jeans with flats.

So things to keep in mind when you’re shopping on a budget are: 1) Do I have my 3 basic tops? 2)  Are my basics a neutral color that compliment my hair, eyes and skin tone? 3) Are my 4 J.A.B.S. going to compliment my basic tops and closet? And most importantly 5) Does this fit my personal style and am I comfortable wearing this?
If you are saying to yourself “Wait, how is this shopping on a budget if I need to buy all these things?” I don’t expect you all to run out and buy all 4 J.A.B.S. in one day start with one or two. The reason your saving money is because you’re making at least 3 outfits out of only ONE shirt. The goal is to not waste money on a fashion top where everyone will know if you’ve worn it twice this week; it’s to learn how to accessorize and make more than one outfit out of what you already have.
Here’s a list of stores and websites I find to be more affordable and still trendy:
Charlotte Russe
Urban Outfitters
Wet Seal
The Icing
Off Broadway Shoes
TJ Maxx

I hope this helps and isn’t too confusing!

Happy Shopping!
Kaylee <3