Saturday, February 5, 2011

Jeans For Your Body

Many girls have trouble finding the right pair of jeans for their shape, and with so many different types of jeans to choose from now it can be a bit overwhelming! I was a manager at a well known store in my area for a while and I’m not even exaggerating when I say there was not ONE girl that could pick up only one pair of jeans, try them on for a coupe minutes and know right away that these were the jeans for them. It’s more like she ends up trying on at least 20. K, maybe not 20 but there has been women who have tried on that many and left with nothing! Ooo the perks of working in retail…UGH!

My point is it’s REALLY hard and stressful to shop for jeans for a lot of girls!!! If your one that isn’t sure exactly what flatters your body shape, you’re not alone. Here are some tips everyone should know when shopping for jeans for the shape. Fallow them and you will be feeling more confident and sexy in your jeans, I PROMIS! ;)

Hourglass Figures:
  • well-portioned upper and lower body
  • typically narrow or cinched at waist
  • typically gain weight all over particularly in hips and chest area

Pear Figure:
  • lager hips
  • smaller upper body
  • hips slightly larger than shoulders
  • usually will have small chest and flat tummy
  • typically gain weight in the lower half of you body (below waist)

Apple or Diamond Figure:
  • smaller hips
  • larger upper body
  • shoulders slightly larger than hips
  • typically gain weight on upper body (above the waistline)

Ruler Figure:
  • slim or waif-like
  • no large differences in hips, waist, shoulders or bust line.
  • tend to gain weight in stomach while arms and legs usually stay slender

You may not fall exactly into one category. There a re a lot of factors like genetics that could alter you shape. For example I’m a petite (small framed) hourglass figure, however because of the genes I get from my momma I typically gain weight in my stomach while my lower half always stays slim, so if I gain weight I’m more like a mix of a hourglass and a little bit of an apple… know what I mean? Haha

Tips for my fellow hourglass ladies!
  • Super low rise are a big NO! Why? Because you will most likely have bigger hips and maybe some weight in that area liiiike… love handles!! You will want to keep them in, not hanging out creating the infamous muffin top! AH!!! Trust me girls all low rise jeans will do is make your hips look bigger than they are and that’s a no no!
  • High waisted looks good IF you are a) tall, 5’5 or above OR b) on the skinny side but I suggest wearing an cute heel if you are shorter. This is because high waisted bottoms are meant to elongate your legs however they emphasize your waistline, so you if you are below 5’5 and have some width on your midsection high waisted jeans are only going to make you look shorter and heavier. But on the contrary if you are taller and have some width to your midsection then high waisted jeans aren’t going to make you look heavier but actually slimmer because of your height.
  • Jeans that go up to or just below your belly button are your best friend! I know they are mine ;) Basically you just want them to cover your hips not cut them off.
  • Skinny jeans if you are on the lower weight end of the scale.
  • Boot cut if you’re on the curvier end of the weight scale. They will slim you and lengthen your legs. 

Tips for the Pear chicks!
  • Darker wash jeans always! As a pear shape you want to slim your bottom half so just always remember that darker colors are slimming and lighter add some width. So it’s probably better to stay away from the white. Although the lighter colors will look great on top! Kind of think of it as a balancing act your smaller on top and bigger on the bottom therefore you want you brights on top and your darks on bottom :)   
  • Boot cut jeans are great! They will slim and elongate your legs while also balancing your top half with your bottom
  • Higher waistline no low rise because again like an hourglass figure you most likely have wider hips
  • Try to stay away from skinny jeans because the cut you at the bottom therefore making your hips, calves,  and thighs look bigger, we don’t want that we want balance :)
  • Heels under you boot cut jeans will slim you and elongate your legs even more!!

Tips for my Apple lovelies!
  • Flares! They will balance you out since you most likely are curvier on top but have slimmer legs.
  • Boot cut will also look well on you if you are on the smaller end of the scale
  • No skinnnies! They will make your top half appear larger.

Tips for the lucky rulers!
  • ANYTHING! Because you are most likely thin with very little or no curves you don’t need to worry about balance when it comes to jeans and you can wear mostly any jean.
  • If you want something to give the elusion of curves go for a flared jean… it will give your body more shape and volume.

Another tip for all figures is embracing your shape! The more comfortable you are in your skin the sexier you are and that’s the TRUTH! There are studies of men choosing a curvier girl over the skinnier girl because her confidence was appealing and SEXY! As long as your choosing the right clothing for your shape, living healthy (by healthy I don’t mean turning vegan ha..ha), and feeling confident then your sexy! ;)