Sunday, March 6, 2011

My Tips and Tricks for Shiny Hair!

                      Pamper Yourself Sunday!

I think that Sundays for girls should be spent relaxing, beautify, and getting yourself mentally and physically prepared for the week ahead of work or school. What better way to do so then to pamper yourself! Take a long bubble bath, do some relaxing yoga, give yourself a manicure and pedicure, do an at home facial mask, whatever you want that will make you feel pretty, refreshed, and ready for the week ahead! And if you can’t think of anything I’ll be here to give you some ideas! On with Pamper Sunday!

Now, my hair is naturally dark blonde but I bleach it every 4-5 weeks, I can’t usually go any longer than 4 weeks because my hair grows SUPER fast! I also have very very very thick wavy hair and when I get out of the shower it likes to hold onto the water for dear life (I mean air drying is out of the question) so to damage it even further I blow dry my hair. I also use my flat iron and sometimes curling iron too. Okay it’s not as bad as I’m making it out to be! I’ll do a post another time on my daily hair regime but for now here are some Sunday pampering tips on how to get shiny healthy looking hair overnight!

1)      ALWAYS use a conditioning cream or spray on damp hair when you get out of the shower. A leave-in conditioner is great for detangling wet hair and helps a TON with frizziness. If you have fine hair or hair that gets greasy quickly I recommend using a spray. I use a few things because my hair is so thick and bleached, I first spray it with a conditioning spray, I like Aveeno Nourish + Condition Leave-In Treatment and John Frieda Daily Nourishment Leave-in Fortifying Spray.
2)      Find a good shine serum or oil! I love love loooooove Moroccan Oil! I also use to use the Matrix Biolage Smoothing Serum, as a sorta kinda cheaper alternative which works well in my opinion too. A serum is what’s going to make you hair look silky and shiny! (#4 for SUPER CHEAP alternative)
3)      Always rinse out your conditioner with cool water. Ever notice how the water gets colder when the hairdresser is washing your hair? This is because it helps in the circulation through your hair and helps make your hair shiny.
4)   Lemon and water. Mix lemon juice with water in a spray bottle and spray it onto wet or dry hair for some extra shine, can also use as substitute for drugstore shine sprays!
5)      Olive oil! Here’s a money saving trick I adore! Not only is your olive oil good for cooking but it’s an amazing cheap way to give your hair some amazing shine! If you don’t want to spend money on expensive oils and serums and don’t mind the smell, which I personally like it makes me want some pasta haha, then this is a great option! All I do is take about a quarter size amount and rub it through my ends until they’re all wet then I take some more and move it upwards towards my scalp. WARNING- don’t put too much on your roots because it can really weigh down your hair just a LITTLE BIT, I mean like a quick sweep across! Basically you just want to get the lower half of your hair damp NOT SOAKING WET just damp because this is wear your hair looses most of it’s moisture. Then I put my hair up in a bun and put a towel around my pillow so my sheets don’t get all greasy, then SLEEP! If you’re not going anywhere you can also do this in the a.m. then throw your hair up and relax or do some homework then wash it out before bed. Then shampoo your real good until the oil is washed out, then condition and do my regular hair care routine minus the oils or serums, and TA DA! Shiny hair :)
6)      Avacado mask! This is another fun at home remedy to do this take an avocado anscoop out the fruit into a bowl and mash it all up like your making potatoes. Once that is done add in about 1 Tbsp of Extra Virgin Olive Oil then add 1 Tbsp of honey then mix it into a thick paste. Work a little bit of the paste into your roots and top section of hair, then work the rest of the mixture into you bottom half and ends of your hair (this is wear you want the majority of the substance to go) Put you hair into a bun and leave it in for about 15-20 minuets, then jump in the shower and go about your regular hair care routine! Your hair should look and feel softer and shiner.
7)      Rotate shampoos and conditioners. Your actually gets use to the shampoo and conditioner products you put in it and stops benefiting from it leaving your hair dull and dry. To avoid this you should be using a different brand every 3 months. If there’s one particular product you like and don’t want to give up you can always go back to it after you try another product for a few months. I for one love the smell of Herbal Essence’s Long Term Relationship! So what I’ll do is use it for about 2-3 months then try out another line for 3 months and then go back to the Herbal for a few washes to see if it’s benefiting my hair, if it is I will use it for a couple months, if it’s not then I will use another product for a couple months then try again! Like I said your hair gets use to products so it needs to be introduced to a few others before being reintroduced to previously used ones.

As for the at home olive oil and avocado mask treatments you can repeat these once or twice a week on send or third day unwashed hair for bet results. Also to keep your hair healthy and shiny you should not be washing your hair everyday as this will just dry out your hair. My hair doesn’t get greasy fast so I wash it every 3 days, if your hair does grease up fast try washing it every other day. Ideally you should be washing you hair every 2-4 days depending on how greasy your hair is.

If you try any or all of these tips you should be seeing a difference. These are the products that work for me but everyone is different find products that are meant for your hair type and try one of my at home remedies and your hair should be glowing!! Now go grab a glass of wine or tea and have an amazing Pamper Yourself Sunday!



  1. thanks for all the tips! I have really fine hair and sometimes it looks good and shiny, other times dull, dull, dull. I wish I knew why :/ in the mean time, I'll be trying everything on this list, starting with the olive oil mask :)

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