Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Colors

A lot of this spring/summer’s color inspirations are taken from flowers of gardens and tropical forests along with deep sea waters to the shoreline of beaches. Warm metallics in gold and bronze are also going to be key colors this season. These are colors are meant to be "uplifting", "soft", and "energizing"!

These are fun and bright! Should be incorporated into your wardrobe with your florals or as pops of color. Colors from left to right- Spring Green, Iris, Viola, Daffodil, Poppy, Geranium, Blueberry.

I personally would recommend using these colors in embellishments in clothing or purses. These are great colors for those of you who take on the punk look or want to add some rough edge to your pieces! Colors- Full Turquoise, Slate, Bright White, Yellow Green, Black Ink, Maroon. 

This is my favorite! These nautical tones are best used for sheer flowing clothing that floats and drapes! Colors- Air, Mist, Aqua, Azure, Silver, Dark Cyan. 

New Classic
These colors are meant to be your classic pieces, think your classic white tee that you wear on your lazy days is now bright pink! These a very bright and meant to spruce up the color in your wardrobe.  Colors- Orchid, Gold, Brick, Lawn, Orange Sorbet, Sea Green. 

FASHION TIP!!! If you don't feel comfortable wearing a top this bright or you are apple shape ( b/c apple shapes should keep the darks on the top and brights on the bottom...check out my post on body shapes!) but still want to incorporate the brights into your spring closet do pops of color instead! Example: a cute purse, earings, necklace, bracelet, or pieces of clothing with tiny accents of these colors in the embellishments are nice touches of colors!

These radiant glowing colors are perfect for your summer tan! Colors- Ghost, Golden, Blush, Mint Cream, Ivory, Jet.


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