Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring/Summer 2011 Trends!

I found that this spring and summer is about taking classic looks and making them a little sexier, edgier, and riskier ;)

Late 50’s early 60’s
    Think Mad Men and how to be prim and proper.
o       maxi skirts
o       bellow the knee full skirts
o       cinched in waists
o       floral prints
o       pencil skirts
o       **sexy tip: get a skirt that’s high waisted, form fitting, and hits directly below the knee with a slit in the back. Perfect for hourglass shapes!

      Not the bohochic of last summer. More sophisticated with a disco edge! 
o       satin and silk fabrics
o       flowy blouses
o       leather satchel bag or small bags with long straps
o       big round and cat eye sunglasses
o       high waisted wide legged pants
o       flared pants

I'll be doing another post on how to pull off the 70's sophisticated glam look soon!!! 

Biker Chic
      Retire your military coats and say hello to the motorcycle jackets!
o       zippers
o       leather
o       motorcycle boots
o       motorcycle style jackets… vroooommm ;)

Tapered Hemlines/Tail Hems
            Short in the front longer in the back! I love this!

Dare to bear
 -May not quite catch on mainstream but fashion icons such as Olivia Palermo and Anna Dello Russo             have been spotted skipping the slips and letting their undergarments show. Tastefully!
-Use lace as you wear in the fall but go for more spring colors like whites, lilacs, and yellows.

I'm OBSESSED with lace anything and so so happy this is sticking around for spring and summer!! :) Not shying away with the bra showing trend, however probably will never show the undies....

Crop Tops
           If you're uncomfortable bearing your tummy, opt for a top or dress with cutouts along your midsection!

Sheer Maxi Dresses
            Like last summers trend with a little more risk!

Kitten Heels and Clogs
            If you’ve missed them then it’s time to rock them again! 

Not my personal fav but I have to admit those clogs are kind of cute... maybe because they have lace! haha

Jumpsuits and Rompers
            Another thing you might already have from last year!

Crochet and macramé
            Goes along with that sophisticated 70’s trend and lace trend.

And Stripes
            When all else fails pull out the classic nautical stripes!


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  1. Great looks! Where can I find that 60's full skirt?