Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wardrobe Must Haves According to Me!

These are my fashion must haves and why!

Tanks! Lot and Lots of tanks! And tube tops! It is important to have a wide assortment of tanks in your closet because it’s a basic and can also help in making different outfits with other tops! I make sure to stock up on basic color tanks that can go well with what I already have in my closet. I stick mostly to blacks, whites, navy blues, beige, and will occasionally get something bright for a pop of color to add to an outfit if I’m feeling spontaneous! Most of my tanks are lace but make sure to have at least one of each style, 1 lace, 1 basic spaghetti strap, 1 tube top, and 1 beater tank.

Go to basic jeans! I’m a firm believer that every single man and woman should have at least one pair of dark denim that not only looks great but is basic enough that it can go with anything. I mean no rips, no embellishments, just a nice pair of dark washed jeans that are flattering to your body shape. Mine are my dark washed bootcut and even darker wash skinnies, both of them get tons of compliments! Why is this important? 1) Because when you’re rushing to get out of the door for work, school, dinks, these are the jeans that you can always rely on. And 2) Because they are basic and you can get away with wearing them a few times a week without anyone noticing. So invest a little in a pair or two of dark washed jeans that are good for your body type, like I’ve explained in one of my previous posts!

Black Leggings! One word… bloated. When it’s that time of the month and I feel like a balloon these with a tunic are my life savers! Enough said.

The Black Dress! Notice how I didn’t say the “little” black dress. Make sure this is a dress meant for your body that compliments your body and shows off ONE of your most flattering aspects not all twenty-three. When buying one think to yourself is this something you could wear on a date, a night out with girls, and throw a sweater over for a family dinner? Every girl should have this and if you don’t, run to the store NOW because you never ever know when you’ll need a black dress.

 Black Pumps. Every girl should not only have a dress that instantly makes her feel sexy but the go to pumps to go along with it! Make sure they are versatile and can go with your jeans, a skirt, and a dress. And make sure they are BASIC as well no crazies. We want them to go with any outfit.

A Classic Pea Coat or Trench Coat. Like everything else I’ve been saying make sure it’s a basic color that won’t go out of style so that it is something that can go with most outfits as well as a good formal looking one. Mine is my black pea coat from Macy’s I recently got for Christmas from my boyfriend!

Boots. This is a two parter, I have a pair of flat sorta ugg knock off boots that are a slate grey color that go well with my casual outfits, and black leather heel ones that go well with any outfit that I want to make more sexy!

Scarves! I have a million scarves! Winter scarves, spring scarves, black scarves, leopard print scarves! You get the jist. I think you should have at least these 3 types of scarves, 1) a heavy one for when it’s cold out 2) a light spring one for when it’s getting a little warmer and/or for accessorizing an outfit and 3) a printed one for spicing up an outfit!

So those are my most basic wardrobe musts that I can’t live without! Hopefully this can give you some ideas on building your closet!



  1. Great article and I totally agree with you

  2. Thank you Onyeka! Glad you liked it :)