Friday, April 8, 2011

My Summer Wardrobe Shopping List!

The things I feel I will die if I do not purchase this summer!!!

The Shirred Bikini Bottom
CHECK! Not only has my boyfriend been bugging me to get this, but I feel this bikini bottom is very flattering on girls on girls who have a plump in shape bum haha. After looking everywhere last summer with no luck I just happened to stumble upon one in Hollister Co. for $24.50! This is the first one I’ve seen that wasn’t online for a bagillian dollars!

Victoria's Secret "Beach Sexy String Bottom" $16 
The on I got! Hollister Co. "San Padro Bay" $24.

Sailor Shorts
CHECK! I love these linen shorts with the bold buttons that create a nautical feel, perfect for summertime! I plan on wearing these with a simple tucked in tank with some sort of long cute necklace, maybe with some pearls laced throughout, some bangle set bracelets, and maybe a cute kitten heel or wedge!
Express "2 1/2" Linen Sailor Shorts" $54.90

White Shorts
I’m still looking for the right pair, I’ll know it when I see it maybe something light and flowy. I think a white pair of shorts is crucial for every girl in the summer! 

Satin Shorts
I love satin! I think it’s perfect for summer and gives off that effortlessly sexy approach to an outfit.
Express "2 1/2" Satin Cuffed Shorts" $49.90

Summer Dresses!
I love summer dresses because they are so carefree and easy and PERFECT for a hot humid day when the thought of jeans shorts sticking to your swollen thighs makes you cringe. I love this satin ruffle dress from express, I’m on huge Express binge lately! For the day I would I would keep it real simple, no necklace, maybe a small stud earring or none at all, and one small simple bracelet, for shoes I would do a nice beige kitten heel or wedge, nothing to strappy or flashy, I feel the dress speaks for itself. For the night, I would pair the satin dress with some gold metallic strappy heels or a cute nude kitten heel with just some bangles and maybe a small beige or metallic belt if you can pull that off and it won’t make your body look to blocky. TIP! If you feel a belt is cutting your body in half too much then loosen it up and let it just casually drape, this creates an effortlessly chic look!
Express "Satin Ruffled Dress" $79.90 

Colorful Floral Print
Whether it’s a dress or tops I reeeealy want something with a floral print in a bright color!

Summer Bag
I’m not sure the style yet I think I’ll be checking out the Coach outlets or an Aldo store, but I always feel it’s necessary to have a neutral bag for the summer that will go with most things in your wardrobe. For colors I like white, beige, or a very light light pink.

I need a sandal one or two for the beach and my more casual days, something simple but still chic like this Knotted-Strap Sandal from express, one spruced up one to add more style to my outfits like this Ruffled Sued Wedge Sandal, and a sexy sling back heel sandal for a night out or dinner.
Express "Ruffle Sued Wedge Sandals" $31.92 
Express "Knotted-Strap Sandals" $19.92

Aldo "Castiglia" $90.00

Wedge and Kitten
CHECK! A nice pair of wedges and kitten heels are a summer MUST HAVE, for me at least. I already have a good pair of wedges from last year but I’m searching for the right pair of kitten heels for me I want them to be paten leather in a neutral color. At first I wasn’t sure about bringing back the kitten heels from my middle school days because they were SO HARD to walk in. But this time they have learned their lessons and made the heels a little more thick and stable so girls aren’t falling and breaking ankles everywhere this summer!

That’s all that’s on my summer shopping list for now; I’m sure something else will catch my eye and haunt my dreams until I succumb. Haha. 


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