Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stripes, Stripes, Stripes! Which Stripes Work for You

With summer on the way stores are filling up with the classic nautical themes of warm weather, STRIPES! Now, the thing with stripes are, not all stripes work for everyone. So if you’re someone that shuns the look feeling left out or if you just aren’t sure which which ones are right for you… then fret no more for I have come bearing stripe tips for all!!

First off always keep in mind that the eye fallows the direction of the stripes. If you have some width on your midsection then thin horizontal stripes are not going to flatter you because they are drawing the eye across your body widening it’s appearance.

Vertical Stripes- These kinds of stripes are going to lengthen and add height because they’re drawing the eye downward not cutting across. So if you have a little tummy going on or are an apple shape these kinds of stripes are the most flattering on your body. Vertical stripes are also usually pretty flattering on most body shapes, however sometimes not that flattering for rulers or athletic shapes because they don’t add any curves.

Horizontal Stripes- Try to avoid wearing this stripe on the curviest part of your figure. If you are worried about looking larger, it’s best to keep these stripes in the same color family, preferably the darker colors. This is because contrasting colors add more depth and brighter colors add more width thus adding more weight. Horizontal stripes are great for ruler body shapes, they will give you the appearance of curves, and if you wear wider ones on top they will make your but seem larger.

Wide Stripes- Wide stripes will ultimately enlarge whichever body part you put them on. They can add curves to your hips and bust area when worn correctly. Keep them away from the widest part of you body.

Thin Stripes- I preferably recommend dark thin stripes to fuller figures because they’re less heavy. Vertical thin stripes are great for slimming and lengthening so they are great for petites on top or bottom, apples on top, and pears on the bottom. 


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