Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bronzed Summer Nights Makeup Look

Hey summer beauties! It’s been dark and rainy for 2 days here in Boston and I’m so over it! I can’t even go walk my dog for more than 10 minuets without some random downfall of rain :( SO I decided to come up with a bronzed SUMMERY makeup look in hopes of it bring back those warm summer nights that I am so desperately seeking! Lol

So here it is!

 WARNING! This is a much tanned, bronzed, shimmery look that should be used with caution. Sunlight exposure to this look could result in blinding the eyes of on lookers. Recommended uses are: date nights, girls’ night out, and romantic strolls on the beach… AT NIGHT! You have been warned.

LOL okay maybe it’s not THAT bad but I do highly recommend this look for night time, hence the title and warnings, hehe.

First of you want to make sure that the rest of your body has some color because this IS a makeup look meant for tan skin. If you’re as lucky as me and haven’t been able to get the sun too much lately due to dreary unsummery-like weather, use a self tanner. You want to look natural and not two toned where your face is bronzed and tan and your body is pale. Not a good look ladies. For a quick fix St. Tropez makes a mousse called “Instantly Glow” that will give you an instant tan that washes off once you shower. Laura Mercier and other products at Sephora also have instant bronzers as well. For a more cheap alternative I use Jergens “Natural Glow Daily Moisturizer” for my body and I religiously use Jergens “Natural Glow Facial Moisturizer” both in medium to tan skin tones. The only thing is they won’t give you an instantly tan effect, But I lather this stuff on at night before bed and wear loose fitted clothing and I wake up with a nice glow!

Next I used Philosophy’s “Hope in a Tinted Moisturizer” in tan for your face, and let me tell you how much I ADORE this stuff! I got the .40 oz sample product of it and I am so buying this when I run out, which probably won’t be for another two weeks because you only need the smallest amount of this stuff! The original 1.7 oz bottle of this stuff is $38.00 but I believe it’s worth it because this stuff should last you all through the summer! Make sure is you use something like this your blending it into your hairline, ears, and neck there’s no yuckie lines.

 Next you need a concealor that’s a shade darker than you would normally use for under your eyes, around your nose, mouth, and chin wear redness tends to occur in women and over any other blemishes on your face. Then I used my Bare Mineral Matte foundation in Medium Beige, lightly to set my moisturizer and concealor so there’s no melting from the heat.

Next I contoured my face with my Bare Minerals Bronzer in Warmth (it’s matte). Apply your bronzer into the hallows of your cheek bones, temples of your forehead, down the center of your nose, underneath your jaw bone, sides of the neck, lightly over your color bone, and BLEND BLEND BLEND!

 If you want to go the extra mile you can dust a small amount of the bronzer into the crease of your eye up to the brow bone and pushed into you bottom lash line as well. Now you’re really bronzed! :)

Now eyes!! I ran out of mine but apply an eye primer first.
I applied a base color all over my lid to eliminate any redness, to do this use an eye shadow that matches your skin tones. I used Maybelline New York’s “Expert Wear Eyeshadow: in Browntones.  For this look I used L’Oreal’s “Studio Secrets” eye palette in Lavender Smokes! I LOVE this stuff! I couldn’t believe it was actually a drugstore brand!!! Firstly goes on like butter! They are so well pigmented and stayed on throughout the day! I can’t wait to go pick up some more of these eye shadows from this collection!!! Yay for inexpensive makeup that feels like high end! Okay back on track, so this particular palette has a lot of gold bronze notes to it which is perfect for this look!

 First I applied the number 2 eye shadow (dusty rose like one) all over my lid. Then I applied the number 1 (amazingly gorgeous purple) onto the outer corner of my lid and up to the OUTTER corner of my crease only. Then I blended the colors to get rid of any harsh lines.

Next I used my Revlon “Luxurious Color Smokey Crayon” in Bronze Smoke 007 along my top and bottom lash line and on the water line. I also winged out my eyeliner on the top (optional).

Next it my favorite part of the whole look! I took the number 4 eye shadow (very bronzed brassy color) and applied it all over the liner we just did! Make sure to get the inner corners of the eyes to. This color is so pretty and is my favorite in this palette! Then I took the number 3 eye shadow (gold) and used it as the highlighter applying underneath my brow bone and onto the inner corners of the eyes to awaken the look some more. I then applied two coats of my CG “LashBlastFusion” mascara in black on my top lashes and one coat on the bottom. And TA DA! We have a sultry shimmery bronzed smokey eye look!!!

 Then I used a my Maybelline “Color Sensational” Lipstick in Sugared Almond for a highlight on my check bones and center of my nose fallowed by a champagne powder to set it and take away from some of the stickiness of the lipstick.

 Then I applied a little of my Maybelline “FITme!” blush in Medium Coral onto my cheeks and my Maybelline “Color Sensational” lipstick in Nearly there on my lips to really bring the whole look together, and your done!

I was inspired by the summer bronzed looks on all the runways and Sephora website where they did a column on all the summer gold based bronze trends! 

Tune into my YouTube channel TheStylesMeow later tonight for the tutorial on this look!!! I hope you guys enjoyed this look and are having an amazing  first and second day summer with lots of sunshine and warm weather, unlike me! Haha :) 


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