Sunday, June 26, 2011

Outfit Of The Day!

Hey Beauties!

So a few days ago I had some errands to run, the boring kind haha then I met up with my friend for some lunch in the city and to catch up a bit!! It was a rainy day in the low 60's, not summery! :( I didn't let that stop me from wearing shorts though!

Outfit #1- I paired my black shorts from Express with my white tee from Express. Sounds boring, I know but stay with me! I took these two basic wardrobe staples and made them into something better! First to add some more style to my outfit I did this one groundbreaking move... are you ready for it?....I tucked my shirt into one side of my shorts!!! Haha okay it may not be groundbreaking but it does transform the whole outfit into a more trendy stylish look :) woop! To bring some fun summery pop of color into this outfit I had the idea of pairing it with a thin neon colored belt, I was thinking a turquoise but other neon colors you could pair with a white and black combo are blue, yellow, or pink. Another way to get some summer into this outfit is to add a turquoise necklace or some long turquoise earings! Now I did not have those things unfortunately :( or at least not yet! But I had to make due with what I did have which were my stud earnings and Lia Sophia Flirty Bracelet.  I also just paired this with my flip flops with the black sequin strap, and that was my more casual handing around the house take of this outfit! And it's comfy too :)

Outfit # 2- This is what I wore to meet up with my friend for our lunch! All I did was throw on my grey blazer with the 3 quarter length sleeves from Arden B. and my black peep toed pumps! I also threw my hair into a half up half down style with one of my hair clips and barrel curled a few sections to add some natural looking movement to it. I kept my makeup neutral and natural (the way I pretty much always do it) and added my 24/7 glide on eyeliner by Urban Decay in Bourbon to the waterline of my eyes. Since I didn't have a turquoise accessory I painted my nails the color from O-P-I in Read My Palm. I used my everyday black Coach bag and I was good t go!

I felt this outfit was a classy sophisticated chic look with some added fun! Very much my usual style.

I just wanted to point out this is why having basics and staple pieces in your wardrobe are so important! My lunch date was a very last minuet thing so I had nothing planned I simply put on my black shorts longer length because they were more suitable  for the rainy weather (as suitable as shorts can be for rain) then came across my white tee with the pocket and thought "I could tuck it into one side, i guess?" Once I did that I thought okay I need something to warm this outfit up a bit but still in a summer appropriate way and that's where my blazer came in perfectly then my basic black pumps came in too! So this outfit took me about 5 minuets to pull together, that's it!! So don't ever overlook those boring basics,  pair them correctly enough with a statement necklace or fun pop of color belt or a blazer you just made that blah outfit into one that's right on trend! And that's the importance of styling!

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Let me know below what you guys think of this outfit, I would love your feedback!! What would guys pair with this look?

"Anyone can get dressed up and glamorous but it is how people dress in their days off that are most intriguing."-Alexander Wang

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