Sunday, July 17, 2011

Cupcake Nails!

Hi my little cupcake lovers!

I've been seeing a trend lately in the beauty community of girls wearing cute pastel cupcakes on their nails! Besides this making me want to whip out my apron and bake these guys so I can devour them all 2 hours later...I wanted to try the trend out myself. So I did my own easy DIY version of this deliciously adorable nail trend!

First I used my Sephora by OPI in the color  Read My Palm as my base color and waited about 5-10 mins for them to dry.

Then I got out my Sally Hansen Hard as Nails in the color White Tip for the frosting! To apply the frosting just make three lines with the nail polish that reach only half up your nail. Then fill in the bottom half leaving the tops of the lines alone. Now you frosted your cupcake! Again I waited about 10 mins to let the frosting dry.

Next I added cherries on the end of my nails with my Revlon nail polish in the color Cherries in The Snow, cute huh? haha I just added a dollop of the red nail color and gave it time to dry.

And for the finishing touch I added frosty pink sprinkles! The name of this nail polish was scratched off but it was by OPI and was just like I said, the color was a frosty pink :) I made sure my brush was not completely coverd in the color and just dabbed very lightly all over the frosting and around the cherry. You can use as little or more sprinkles as you want.

And that was IT! I am no nail artist by any means so these nails should definitely be easy to do if you want to try them yourself! Use whatever colors you want! Make them your own and have fun! :)
You can watch how I did these nails on my YouTube Channel here 

Hope you're all having a fab weekend!

                                         Kaylee <3

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