Friday, July 15, 2011

My Quick Fix Beauty Tips!

Here are some easy beauty tips that are affordable or things you already have in your home!

Tip #1 For Chapped Lips
 Wipe off all your lipstick or lip balm and pick up a small tooth brush. Exfoliate your lips with the tooth brush by rubbing it in small circles all over your lips. Don't do this for any longer than 1 minuet, as you don't want to over exfoliate. Apply your most moisturizing lip balm. I do this about 1 or twice a week before bed myself, but you can do it up to 4 times a week if you'd like.

Tip # 2 For Luscious Lashes
Use a conditioning formula made for you lashes. I use L'Oreal's Lash Serum. I try my very best to apply this every night by gliding the wand over my top and bottom lashes and along the roots of them. This will help prevent any breakage or falling out due to eyelash curlers and mascara as well as help them grow a little too :)

Tip # 3 For Puffy Tired Eyes and Dryness
Use an eye cream every day when you wake up and night before bed. Make sure the skin is clean of any make up or dirt. I use Neutrogena's Agless Restoratives and Instant Eye Reviver. Dab whichever eye cream you choose with your ring finger and do NOT rub! Choose yours wisely as some eye creams can be to harsh, if it burns or irritates your eye causing the skin to feel sensitive and red then  return it and try another. I have sensitive skin especially for my eyes and I love the one I'm using now. Even if you don't have under eye circles or puffiness I still recommend doing this because the skin around your eye is sensitive so an eye cream is better than a face lotion for that area.

Tip # 4 For Weak, Chipped, Brittle Nails and Some Growing Power
Nailtiques in formula 2 from CVS! I used this day and night on my nails and within a few days my nails were noticeably stronger!! This stuff is extremely practical as it drys very quickly and you can use it as a top coat too! My Nails also grew twice as fast too!

Tip # 5 For Razor Burn and Blemishes
I practically bath in Witch Hazel! You can get it at CVS and Walgreens.  It's an all natural astringent that I use as a toner, for any blemishes anywhere on my body(great if you have backne!) and over any razor burns! I typically use this right after i get out of the shower wherever needed and at night after washing my face. OH, and I use a cotton ball to apply it ;)

Tip # 6 Makeup Pick Me Up Trick!
If your makeup needs a pick me up, whip out your light frosty lipstick and always keep a vanilla eyeshadow with you! I always have my Maybeline Color Sensational Lipstick in Sugared Almond with me along with a light vanilla eyeshadow. If I need to brighten up my look at work or after a beach day I use my frosty lipstick not only on my lips but on my cheekbones, temples, and down the center of my nose as a highlite! I then use a sweep of the vanilla eyeshadow under my brow bone, on the inner corner of my eyes, and the my cupids bow  above my lips. This is a quick affordable way to really freshen up your makeup.

Tip # 6 For Shiny Soft Hair
Use Olive Oil! Before bed take at least 2 day old hair and rub a palm full of olive oil all over the ends of your hair and then work the excess all the way up to your roots (Roots should have only a tiny amount or if you have greasier hair then skip the roots). Put your hair into a bun and put a towel down on your pillow and sweet dreams. Once you wake up wash and style your hair as you normally do and it should feel softer and look shinier! :)

Those are my tips for today! Check out my video on these tips on my YouTube channel at

Do you have any fun, cheap, at home beauty tips for me? Let me know!

                                                Bye Beauties!

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