Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shhhhh! Beauty Confessions!

I was tagged on my YouTube Channel to do a 10 Beauty Confessions Tag, so I did! check out the video here!!!

I don't really hide anything so I don't really look at these as "confessions" because to be honest I don't really care if you guys know what I do for beauty lol But here is what I thought up in about 5 minuets :)

1)  I smell all beauty products before buying them! I have a really sensitive nose and hate bad smells!
2)  I can't live without my Witch Hazel! I use it for all skin blemishes, and I mean ALL!
3)  I know nothing about hair extensions. My hair is real!
4)  I won't pay for a mani or pedi. DIY baby!
5)  I only wash my hair once or twice a week! My hair is dry and thick and doesn't get greasy too easily.
6)  I struggle with ruining cute packaging. It makes me sad lol
7)  I hate shaving cream! For shaving I think it just dries out my skin and I miss more spots!
8)  I use my eye shadows as a highlighting stick!
9)  I touch my face a LOT! However I'm a germaphobe that washes her hands more than the average person
10) I have really dry lips. I've tried everything out there, they are just  to freakin stubborn!


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