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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shopping Alert! Do you love Express as much as I do?!?

Calling all fashion lovers!!!!! I'm going to treat you to some smart shopping tips of how I like to get more bang for my buck! Whenever I see some amazing opportunities to expand my never ending wardrobe I will be sure to share the excitement with my little lovlies! That's you guys! ;) haha

So here is a deal that caught my fashion hungry apatite today...

Express is BOGO 50% off all tops, bottoms, accessories, and scarves starting tomorrow, 11/17/2011, and all of their Holiday Preview items are on the floor!
PLUS if you have their "Holiday Passbook of Savings" which you should have gotten in your shopping bag if you've made a purchase in the past few weeks, there is a coupon good from the 16th until the 22nd for $30 off your $75 purchase, AND get ready for this one... if you spend $50 you $25 in Express cash!!!!!

If you didn't get the Passbook that's okay I got you girls covered too! b/c if you are on Express's email list then you should have received a $25 off your $75 purchase! AND if you are not on their email list then you can sign up on their website, which is even more awesome b/c you automatically get a coupon for 15% off for signing up plus you will still get the $25 coupon in you're email too!

Okay SO...want to know how I take full advantage of this amazingness?!?
You need to play your cards right and do some math in the fitting room. I first go through all of the BOGO racks and grab everything and I mean EVERYTHING in my size that catches my eye in the least. But the key is I only allow myself to grab items that are apart of the deals, unless I'm really really in love with something then I cheat a little, but anyway... I will end up in the fitting room with TONS of things to try on! I go through everything with the mindset of if I don't LOVE it then I do want it, this helps eliminate about half of what came in with. I put sort things in three piles, 1 pile of stuff I died for, 1 pile of likes not loves/maybe's, and 1 pile of absolutely nots. I give the sales girl all the items from the no pile, then I retry everything on again, and decide on the ones i like the most. This is where I start to think of things more logically with questions like, "Do I love this so much I will dream about it at night if I don't get it" or " Will I REALLY where this or will it sit in my closet with the tags attached for 2 years until I decide to give it away"  questions like that.

Once I decide on what I absolutely want I will calculate the total of everything all together including the BOGO 50% off (for the BOGO's the items that cost the least will be the ones that are half off) and the coupon, making sure that my total after all is said and done will be at $50 or a little over( like a few dollars). That way I will still get the $25 Express Cash to use for next time! :)

This is what I'll be doing tomorrow after my haircut! It's ridiculous how excited I get for these things haha!  Are you guys going to take advantage of this deal too?! Or do you know of any others going on??? Let me know in the comments below!

Bye for now lovelies!

                                   Kaylee <3