Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Years Lovin'!! Quick Slim Down Tips for Bringing in 2012!

Hey loves! Hope you all has a wonderful Holiday and have enjoyed all the amazing dishes that come along with it!
If you have stuffed your belly's like myself, you may be worrying about the other holiday that is just around the corner... NEW YEARS EVE! We all want to look out best when celebrating bringing the new year in, however conveniently enough only a week prior was you may have had a weekend filled with wine, candy, and about 10 different fat filled delicious meals!! If you're like me at least you have haha. Well no worries here because I have a cure! Here are some of the ways I slim down those couple holiday pounds in under a weeks time!

1) WATER and GREEN TEA!! I swear by this more than anything. Drinking water flushes out toxins making your skin brighter and actually helping speed up your metabolism which means your belly breaks down food which equals weight loss! Green tea does the same times 10! How much do i drink exactly? Well everyone is different but I have about 6-7 glasses of water per day and 6-8 cups of green tea! Actually what I do is put two tea bags in each cup, so really I'm having 4 cups but with two teabags in each. Add a lemon to that and it's a double kick of all natural fat burning amaziness!

2) RUNNING and SQUATS! Again everyone is different but this is what helps me loose any blotting and weight quite fast. I don't do any strength training(anything involving weights) or ab work b/c if you haven't been consistently doing those specific workouts in the past 2 weeks then it can actually swell up your muscles since your body is not use to the weight, causing you too look a little more bloated. I run about 20-30 mins on the Elliptical doing what is called HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) and about 30- 40 squats throughout the day. I love squats b/c for one they work! and two you can do them anywhere really, i mean you probably don't want to do them in the middle of the grocery store, but when you heating up your green tea or brushing your teeth, do a few! 

3) Eat clean! When I'm trying to slim down in a weeks time I try to eat  certain foods like a lot of blueberries, black berries (two fruits that are proven to help burn fat) veggies (not broccoli, although it has a lot of good tings and i do LOVE it it can bloat your tummy a little) and lean meats. Here is a list of what a typical day consists of when I'm trying to loose some bloat in a short time:

Breakfast: Two packets of  Kahshi's Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal OR a banana with some peanut butter with a side of Chobani Greek yogurt. 
Mid Morning Snack: a handful of blueberries and black berries
Lunch: Tuna sandwich, I like to put relish in mine for a sweeter taste you can also put in some celery, onions, or cranberries or all! 
Afternoon Snack: Handful of a mix of almonds, blueberries and blackberries. 
Dinner: Honestly with dinner I have whatever but KEEP IN MIND this one rule.... nothing greasy and fried (you might as well kiss your whole days work goodbye!), chew slowly and stop when you feel satisfied NOT full, there is a difference, AND use a medium sized plate. This way you are not able to fill the whole plate causing you to overeat.

Having a sweet craving? Have a small piece of dark chocolate, an oatmeal cookie, or some greek yogurt with fruit or all natural granola!

Salads are great as well but here is the jist... No fatty dressings, thousand island, ranch, blue cheese, creamy Italian really anything creamy are all BAND! these dressings have TONS of calories in them and are overprocesed with a lot of preservatives, which are bad for your health. I had a dietitian I know tell me once that any dressing you do use on your salad, only pour a cape full into it, best tip ever! also with salads only put clean foods in them like grilled chicken, fresh veggies, fresh fruits, stuff like that. Remember the point of a salad is to be healthy! 

And that's it! The most important thing is to not starve yourself! This actually makes your body go into starvation mode, causing it to store whatever food it does get as fat which causes you to gain more! 
Keep in mind everyone's body is different and these are steps that I take that work for me. But these are things that I can promise if you do them for a week or two you will see a difference in either your body, energy, skin, or ALL! :)

Happy New Years! 

                                   Kaylee <3