Monday, July 30, 2012

A Girl Can Never Have Enough Shoes...

Hi loves!

My new shoes from ShoeMint came in about a week ago and as I styled them with my dark wash skinny jeans and white over-sized tee it reminded me of why I will NEVER feel like I have too many shoes!

These new shoes from ShoeMint (which is Co-Designed by Rachel Bilson and Style Expert Nicole Chavez) were perfect for bringing some color and fun to an otherwise plain outfit. I will always stand by my belief that accessories are what MAKES your outfit and shoes are absolutely no exception to this rule of mine!

Shoes this year are bright, printed, and huge statements! When styled correctly they can make your effortless blah look into an effortlessly chic look! For example if you are getting bored with the clothes in your closet or   want to be able to add some more style to your outfit, a new pair of are the perfect way to stay on trend and transform your entire closet.

Not sure what shoes to get to help revamp your style while being on trend? Here are a list of some trending styles I love. I have your back ;)

-Bright colors
It can be a flat or a 4" platform shoe, if it's bright it will of course add a pop of color and also draw the eye in making it a statement piece to transform your ordinary casual outfit into an effortlessly chic look.

Floral printed shoes like my new ones add color and dimension to your outfit.

-Strappy Low Wedge
These are wildly popular with celebs, wear them with your denim cutoffs, cigarette pants, or skirts and they will make your outfit instantly trendy.

-The Mary Jane Inspired Heel
It's chunky and fun! Wear them with a high-low skirt, ankle length colored jeggings, or a flowing chiffon pair of shorts.

Those are just some of the many shoe trends you can wear to upgrade your outfit! Check out ShoeMint's site here I highly recommend them, yes they are $79 but they are great quality which is better than what you'll get for the same price at mall stores like Aldo for not as great quality.

                                                                      -Stay Chic- 

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stay Slim All Summer!

If you are like me you're all about fruits, veggies, and other antioxidant rich foods/drink in the summer to keep of the weight. If you're not but would like to be then here is my little bit of my summertime list of foods I like to munch down on and drinks I like to guzzle to stay slim during the summer!

 1) WATER!! You should know this by now! Water flushes out toxins, water weight, and hydrates your skin. I have a ginormous Victoria's Secret pink leopord print water bottle I try to keep on me at all times, not just b/c it's cute;)

 2) BERRIES! I personally loooooove rasberries, but choose your own berry! They are rich in antioxidants, have a high water content, and high in fiber! Also, both raspberries and blackberries have ellagic acid in them which protects against sun damage, can you say anti aging food?!?!

 3)GREEN TEA! I actually drink this year round in about 4-8 cups per day. I am a huge green tea advocate! Green tea is also extremely rich in antioxidants and helps to speed up your metabolism which can equal weight loss :) I personally am an organic girl so I really like the Yogi teas b/c they have a whole line of green teas that have different benefits for your body my favorite from them lately is the Blueberry Slim Life, YUM!

4)SUGAR SNAP PEAS! These are like candy to me they are a sweeter veggie and for someone like me who is picky about her veggies, this is a perfect way to incorporated some GREEN into my diet.I carry these around in a little baggy to snack on. They are also high in water content which aids weight loss and rich in vitamins.

 5) KALE! This is a new one in my diet and in a lot of peoples lately! I think it kinda tastes like broccoli without the bloating effect.... Kale is amazing and I honestly put this in almost everything, eggs, shakes, salads, tuna. You name it! Kale's benefits are kinda endless if you ask me, it's rich in minerals and enzymes, fiber, magnesium, omega-3 fats, and calcium. ALSO it's rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties and has Carotenoids in it which has been linked to reduce wrinkles!

To sum it up it's like a beauty food that makes you radiate from the inside out! Let me know if you guys have or will try any of these things out and how it made you feel!

                                                                 -Stay Chic- 


Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cupcake Sunday!

What do I do on Sundays? I relax, light a candle and drink some Tea so I can get myself mentally prepared for the week ahead!

Well this isn't ALL I do haha. Depending on what needs to still be done that day or if I have some other plans, I still make sure to have my "Kaylee time" on my Sunday! This is sort of something I have done since I was I was in middle school even! What is is time to myself where I take CARE of myself, it can be something health wise, beauty maintenance wise, reading time wise, ect. It's suppose to be something that makes YOU feel good, calm, and happy :) To me this is absolutely crucial!

I sort of rotate exactly what I do and how much I do all depending on the kind of day I've had, but some things that are on my "Kaylee Time" list in no particular order are these:

* Give myself a mani & pedi
* Do some relaxing Yoga
* Bake something yummy (it's okay to treat yourself!)
* Read a book while wrapped in my comfy blanket
* walk my dogs somewhere scenic (I can get fresh air while being around my love pups!)
* Use a deep conditioning hair mask
* Use my Soap & Glory Body Scrubs to exfoliate (smells amazing and leaves your skin soooo soft!)
* Give my self an at home facial, mabey put some cold cucumbers on my eyes for 5-10 mins and meditate

All of these activities include having my Yogi green tea and a burning candle near by!.. and maybe some red wine as well ;)

For this Sunday I will be baking some cupcakes and doing some yoga! 

This little kitty paw seems to want some cupcakes as well haha, can you spot it?

Do you guys also do this on Sundays? What are some things you like to do for you "Me Time"?!?

Go find your you time! We all deserve it :)

                                                                         -Stay Chic- 

Friday, July 13, 2012

Peaches, Pastels, & Rascals!

Hi trendy lovies!

This is my outfit of choice for this wonderful Friday! I will be visiting my aunt and her little rascals (aka my much much younger cousins) that I adore so much! Followed by a night out with my boyfriend and some friends.

Since I'm going to be out pretty much all day an will have no time to return home to change... I wanted to wear something that was casual and appropriate enough for a daytime with the family and also trendy and chic enough for a night out!

My bottoms are from Delias, they are actually mint jegginngs that are soooooo comfortable!! I love mint for the summer and it's a nice soft pop of color so for those of you who are still not comfortable with the loud brights this is a good alternative.

  My top actually incorporates THREE summer trends all in one! This peach sleeveless baby-doll tank is from Francesca's Boutique, you can't tell from the picture but it has little white horses all over it as a print and a peter pan collar. So it's a whole mesh of trendiness, peach, prints, and peter pan colors are all big must have staples this summer!

My cream wedges are from Bakers and the cream bag is by Michael Kors, it's my new baby this summer! :)

Even though the clothing pieces are a soft pop of color they are still eye catching. When your playing with color you want to balance the look out by keeping the accessories and shoes neutral along with the jewelry to a minimum. You don't want to clash and you also don't want to go to overboard or you may end up looking like a show clown! It's important to keep a BALANCE.

Let me know what colors you guys like for this season!!!

Go to my YouTube channel to see the whole 180 view and the jewelry I'm wearing in this look if you'd like to :)
Happy Friday to you all!


                                                                         -Stay Chic- 

GlossyBox Unboxing!

This was my first Glossybox and after a year or two of wishing the U.S. had it I was extremely pleased by the girlyness and presentation of the box. Watch my video to open it with me :) and see what I got and thought!

Kaylee <3

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer Hair ~ Loose Laid Back Wavy Hair

Here's how I like to create that loose flowing tousled wavy hair look! This was a look we saw on the this years past Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, that is absolutely amazing for summer laid back hair.
This look is great if you have some extra time on hand to give off the illusion that you just "woke up with this hair" as well ;)


~ Summer Nights OOTD~

This is a look I put together for that semi chilly summer night! xo