Thursday, July 19, 2012

Stay Slim All Summer!

If you are like me you're all about fruits, veggies, and other antioxidant rich foods/drink in the summer to keep of the weight. If you're not but would like to be then here is my little bit of my summertime list of foods I like to munch down on and drinks I like to guzzle to stay slim during the summer!

 1) WATER!! You should know this by now! Water flushes out toxins, water weight, and hydrates your skin. I have a ginormous Victoria's Secret pink leopord print water bottle I try to keep on me at all times, not just b/c it's cute;)

 2) BERRIES! I personally loooooove rasberries, but choose your own berry! They are rich in antioxidants, have a high water content, and high in fiber! Also, both raspberries and blackberries have ellagic acid in them which protects against sun damage, can you say anti aging food?!?!

 3)GREEN TEA! I actually drink this year round in about 4-8 cups per day. I am a huge green tea advocate! Green tea is also extremely rich in antioxidants and helps to speed up your metabolism which can equal weight loss :) I personally am an organic girl so I really like the Yogi teas b/c they have a whole line of green teas that have different benefits for your body my favorite from them lately is the Blueberry Slim Life, YUM!

4)SUGAR SNAP PEAS! These are like candy to me they are a sweeter veggie and for someone like me who is picky about her veggies, this is a perfect way to incorporated some GREEN into my diet.I carry these around in a little baggy to snack on. They are also high in water content which aids weight loss and rich in vitamins.

 5) KALE! This is a new one in my diet and in a lot of peoples lately! I think it kinda tastes like broccoli without the bloating effect.... Kale is amazing and I honestly put this in almost everything, eggs, shakes, salads, tuna. You name it! Kale's benefits are kinda endless if you ask me, it's rich in minerals and enzymes, fiber, magnesium, omega-3 fats, and calcium. ALSO it's rich in antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties and has Carotenoids in it which has been linked to reduce wrinkles!

To sum it up it's like a beauty food that makes you radiate from the inside out! Let me know if you guys have or will try any of these things out and how it made you feel!

                                                                 -Stay Chic- 


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