Sunday, July 15, 2012

Cupcake Sunday!

What do I do on Sundays? I relax, light a candle and drink some Tea so I can get myself mentally prepared for the week ahead!

Well this isn't ALL I do haha. Depending on what needs to still be done that day or if I have some other plans, I still make sure to have my "Kaylee time" on my Sunday! This is sort of something I have done since I was I was in middle school even! What is is time to myself where I take CARE of myself, it can be something health wise, beauty maintenance wise, reading time wise, ect. It's suppose to be something that makes YOU feel good, calm, and happy :) To me this is absolutely crucial!

I sort of rotate exactly what I do and how much I do all depending on the kind of day I've had, but some things that are on my "Kaylee Time" list in no particular order are these:

* Give myself a mani & pedi
* Do some relaxing Yoga
* Bake something yummy (it's okay to treat yourself!)
* Read a book while wrapped in my comfy blanket
* walk my dogs somewhere scenic (I can get fresh air while being around my love pups!)
* Use a deep conditioning hair mask
* Use my Soap & Glory Body Scrubs to exfoliate (smells amazing and leaves your skin soooo soft!)
* Give my self an at home facial, mabey put some cold cucumbers on my eyes for 5-10 mins and meditate

All of these activities include having my Yogi green tea and a burning candle near by!.. and maybe some red wine as well ;)

For this Sunday I will be baking some cupcakes and doing some yoga! 

This little kitty paw seems to want some cupcakes as well haha, can you spot it?

Do you guys also do this on Sundays? What are some things you like to do for you "Me Time"?!?

Go find your you time! We all deserve it :)

                                                                         -Stay Chic- 

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