Thursday, August 30, 2012

Evening Skin Care Routine

I find it important to treat your skin after a full day of makeup, sun, and air pollution. To relax and wind down at the end of the day, I love to wash off all my makeup & and apply my favorite moisturizing overnight mask... there may be a glass of wine and a burning candle involved in there somewhere too... I just love the feeling of fresh and moisturized skin that can breath! Below is a list of the products I like to use:

Burt's Bee's Peach & Willowbark Deep pore Scrub
Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser 
PMD ( Use coupon code "TheStylesMeow" to get 25% off! 
Witch Hazel 
L'oReal Clean Artiste Eye Makeup Remover
Lush Mint Julips Lip Scrub 
Aveeno Postiively Radiant Eye Illuminator
Pur-Lisse Pur-Lip Comfort
Origins Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Fashion Shopping List!

This is a list of Fall Fashion Clothing Trends I feel I MUST have now!!! Maybe it will give you some extra items to put on your list too! Enjoy! <3

1) Floral & Animal Printed Jeans!
This has been on my mind ever since I went to Zara this past weekend and saw these amazing black jeggings with a flock floral print! Of course they didn't have my size just to make me want them even more!! Anyhow, floral and animal printed bottoms are trending. Pair them with a neutral long tunic, some heels, and an oversize tote!

Photo from

2) Blouses & Sheer Tunics!
I already have a collection of these, but I am on this crazy kick of purchasing neutral blouses, printed blouses, cut-out blouses. I love this trend so much! It's very easy to throw on with whichever bottoms you want and you are instantly chic and put together!

3) Oversize Sweaters & Cardigans, and Knits!
Again I have these pretty stocked up but it's another fall addiction for me to by tons of sweaters and cardigans. I pair them with leggings & jeggings.  (I only wear jeggings but skinny jeans work too) This fall it's a pretty prominent trend. I love accessorizing over sized tops with scarves and statement jewelry.

4) Colored Jeans!
I'm not talking about the one we all bought in the spring and summer in mints and peaches. I'm talking burgundy's and royal blues! I love these and the burgundy, also referred to as "Oxblood", makes me feel more vampy and luxe ;) (Obsessed with Vampire Diaries)

5) Baroque Prints
These prints are great in scarves and blouses, and bottoms as well!

5) Riding Boots
I know I know!! I'm late to the party on this one but that's because I have been SO picky with this one. I am  on the hunt to find the perfect riding boot. Why? Because most of them are pretty dam expensive (the good quality one at least) and I want this to be be a classic staple I can get the most use out of AND take out of my closet in another 15 years when it comes back as a trend again. Because it will.

This is just on my very current shopping list, I will have more to come I'm sure!

-Stay Chic-

Friday, August 24, 2012

Comfy Kitten

I love feeling both comfy and chic at the same time. Today felt like that kind of Friday where I was just so worn out from the week, that I just wanted to be comfortable, but feel put together as well! Here are some pics of my "Comfy&Chic Friday" look. Enjoy!

Daytime look with my cardigan draped over my bag. 
Top- Francesca's Boutique $28.00

My silver nails match the metallic in my scarf!
Essie Nail Polish in "no place like chrome" from their new Mirror Metallics line!

I love adding scarfs with a light tone to basics. This scarfs baby pink hue keeps it feminine, the leopard print is trendy, & the subtle metallic in the grey gives it little extra glam!
Scarf- Express $29.90

Bag- Michael Kors Hamilton Quilted Tote
Cardigan- Francesca's Boutique $34.00

The silver open bangle around my arm actually has little crystals at the end to add a little  touch of bling
Bangle- "Dico Ball Bangle" $16.00

Dainty earnings add a hint class. 
Gold Plated Daisy Earnings- Francesca's Boutique $6.00

Black Leggings- H&M $12.00
Sequin Lined Sandals- Express

-Stay Chic-

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials & How to Start Building Your Closet!

If you need some tips or aren't quite sure where to start when trying to build a style, start with essentials! Don't go into the store thinking your going to get all these new bright and crazy trends that may not be trends in a few months, b/c what are you going to end up? A bunch of  clothes you can only wear maybe 2 times/month b/c everyone will notice and also just a bunch trends... Keep it simple at first
This will be series of  'How to Build your Style' posts and videos on my YouTube Channel,
So here is Part 1! 

 Here are 2 rules to abide by when you are first starting to build a style:

1) Start with all Neutrals
By this I mean keep your colors subtle and toned down at first. Buy clothes in white, creams, browns, blacks. Second you can get a little more color while still keeping it toned down for instance, taupes, baby pink, dusty rose, light blues, ect. THEN you can branch out and get the trending colors but I will talk more on that in another post. The reason to stay neutral is very simple... it's easy to style and interchangeable. In summary you can get more use out of the colors by being able to wear them more frequently with different pieces and accessories without most people ever noticing. 

2) Splurge a little on quality
Most these items mentioned are my restock-ables, so when one gets a rip or starts to look dingy I need to immediately get a new one! For instance tank tops, we all need them and I'm not opposed to spending an extra buck in order to have it for a year or more. FF21 in my opinion is not a place to get your basic essentials, they are mass produced and literally falling apart at the seams as soon as you put it on if you ask me. I'm not saying you have to pretend your Jen Aniston and go drop $120 on white over sized tee, we can be more clever about it...  Banana Republic has amazing tanks that last and if you go in on Wednesdays everything is 40% off! Be clever ;)

My list of Essentials and Restockables 

Spaghetti strap slight v-neck Tanks (I'm very particular)
- Oversized tee's (white and a softer color like mint or baby pink)
- Blouses and Tunics (pair with jeans or leggings to instantly give your outfit more class &femininity)
Oversized Sweater (Both Comfy and Chic)
- Blazer (Adds a more structured and put together look right away, pair with a tank or tee)
Peacoat and Trench Coat ( Get one longer coat and one shorter for more variety and options) 
- Leggings I even need to say why ;) 
- Dark wash Jeggings (Or denim, make sure well fitted,  flattering and a go to)
-  Bandage skirt ( 1 that goes with at least 3 shirts in your closet, good for date night and girls night)
- "LBD" (A neutral dress that you can wear on date nights, bar hopping nights, and family occasions)
- Nude Pump & Blk Pump (blk goes with everything & nude elongates your legs & goes with most)
- Flats (casual and trendy)
- Boots ( flat, heeled, wedged, w/e your preference is)
- Black clutch ( preferably with a skinny strap, perfect for clubs and bars and daytime too!)
- 1 cream colored bag and 1 black bag ( classic timeless bags that go with every outfit) 

Check out my video from my YouTube Channel below where I also touch on this subject!

                                                                                          -Stay Chic- 

Creme Brulee Creams & Arm Candy

Accessorizing a basic monotone outfit that would otherwise be kind of boring is one of my favorite ways to style a look! 

Every girl should have that one favorite top that's a neutral tone like my creme tunic top I'm wearing in this video. Reason being, because you can style it so many different ways, maybe with jeans, flats, a scarf and a cuffed bracelet one day for a boho chic look, and then shorts and heels another for a more glamed up touch. 

Add a statement shoe and some arm candy to transformed an outfit from being basic & boring to chic & trendy!

The video above features how I like to accomplish this, I wore this to an amazing local coffee shop that has the best creme brulee ever! Hence the title ;) 

Top- TJMaxx
Short- Express
Shoes- ShoeMint
Bag- Michael Kors
Necklace- Tiffany's 
Bracelets- Express and Francesca's Boutique

                                                               -Stay Chic-

Heatless Beach Waves!

Beach waves were huge this summer and I myself love this hair trend because it's so laid back and flattering to all! I do have naturally wavy hair, however there is a way those of you can achieve this look as well without HEAT!

Step 1) Wash your hair! You want you hair to be damp. 

Step 2) Conditioning spray and hair serum! You want your hair to be frizz free.

Step 3) Scrunch in a finishing cream that helps create waves! I use Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Finishing Creme if you have extremely thick hair like me I highly recommend this product b/c it's very light weight and does the job! 

Step 4) Twist and secure! Basically I take sections of my hair and twist them up into a sorta messy twisty weird bun, and secure with a hair elastic... You will end up looking like some crazy imitation of Princess Lei... if you want to see how goofy I look watch the video above... haha

Step 5) Wait about 30- 45 mins! 

Step 6) Take it off! Or out I should say out, it was more fun to write 'take it off' ;)... But anyway, I take the buns out and brush through any knots with my fingers (NOT A BRUSH!) and then spray in some more conditioning spray followed by My Loreal Elnett hair spray, and done!

Watch the tutorial above to see the finished product! 

                                                            -Stay Chic-