Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Fall Fashion Shopping List!

This is a list of Fall Fashion Clothing Trends I feel I MUST have now!!! Maybe it will give you some extra items to put on your list too! Enjoy! <3

1) Floral & Animal Printed Jeans!
This has been on my mind ever since I went to Zara this past weekend and saw these amazing black jeggings with a flock floral print! Of course they didn't have my size just to make me want them even more!! Anyhow, floral and animal printed bottoms are trending. Pair them with a neutral long tunic, some heels, and an oversize tote!

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2) Blouses & Sheer Tunics!
I already have a collection of these, but I am on this crazy kick of purchasing neutral blouses, printed blouses, cut-out blouses. I love this trend so much! It's very easy to throw on with whichever bottoms you want and you are instantly chic and put together!

3) Oversize Sweaters & Cardigans, and Knits!
Again I have these pretty stocked up but it's another fall addiction for me to by tons of sweaters and cardigans. I pair them with leggings & jeggings.  (I only wear jeggings but skinny jeans work too) This fall it's a pretty prominent trend. I love accessorizing over sized tops with scarves and statement jewelry.

4) Colored Jeans!
I'm not talking about the one we all bought in the spring and summer in mints and peaches. I'm talking burgundy's and royal blues! I love these and the burgundy, also referred to as "Oxblood", makes me feel more vampy and luxe ;) (Obsessed with Vampire Diaries)

5) Baroque Prints
These prints are great in scarves and blouses, and bottoms as well!

5) Riding Boots
I know I know!! I'm late to the party on this one but that's because I have been SO picky with this one. I am  on the hunt to find the perfect riding boot. Why? Because most of them are pretty dam expensive (the good quality one at least) and I want this to be be a classic staple I can get the most use out of AND take out of my closet in another 15 years when it comes back as a trend again. Because it will.

This is just on my very current shopping list, I will have more to come I'm sure!

-Stay Chic-

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