Thursday, August 23, 2012

Heatless Beach Waves!

Beach waves were huge this summer and I myself love this hair trend because it's so laid back and flattering to all! I do have naturally wavy hair, however there is a way those of you can achieve this look as well without HEAT!

Step 1) Wash your hair! You want you hair to be damp. 

Step 2) Conditioning spray and hair serum! You want your hair to be frizz free.

Step 3) Scrunch in a finishing cream that helps create waves! I use Herbal Essence Tousle Me Softly Finishing Creme if you have extremely thick hair like me I highly recommend this product b/c it's very light weight and does the job! 

Step 4) Twist and secure! Basically I take sections of my hair and twist them up into a sorta messy twisty weird bun, and secure with a hair elastic... You will end up looking like some crazy imitation of Princess Lei... if you want to see how goofy I look watch the video above... haha

Step 5) Wait about 30- 45 mins! 

Step 6) Take it off! Or out I should say out, it was more fun to write 'take it off' ;)... But anyway, I take the buns out and brush through any knots with my fingers (NOT A BRUSH!) and then spray in some more conditioning spray followed by My Loreal Elnett hair spray, and done!

Watch the tutorial above to see the finished product! 

                                                            -Stay Chic- 

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