Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wardrobe Essentials & How to Start Building Your Closet!

If you need some tips or aren't quite sure where to start when trying to build a style, start with essentials! Don't go into the store thinking your going to get all these new bright and crazy trends that may not be trends in a few months, b/c what are you going to end up? A bunch of  clothes you can only wear maybe 2 times/month b/c everyone will notice and also just a bunch trends... Keep it simple at first
This will be series of  'How to Build your Style' posts and videos on my YouTube Channel,
So here is Part 1! 

 Here are 2 rules to abide by when you are first starting to build a style:

1) Start with all Neutrals
By this I mean keep your colors subtle and toned down at first. Buy clothes in white, creams, browns, blacks. Second you can get a little more color while still keeping it toned down for instance, taupes, baby pink, dusty rose, light blues, ect. THEN you can branch out and get the trending colors but I will talk more on that in another post. The reason to stay neutral is very simple... it's easy to style and interchangeable. In summary you can get more use out of the colors by being able to wear them more frequently with different pieces and accessories without most people ever noticing. 

2) Splurge a little on quality
Most these items mentioned are my restock-ables, so when one gets a rip or starts to look dingy I need to immediately get a new one! For instance tank tops, we all need them and I'm not opposed to spending an extra buck in order to have it for a year or more. FF21 in my opinion is not a place to get your basic essentials, they are mass produced and literally falling apart at the seams as soon as you put it on if you ask me. I'm not saying you have to pretend your Jen Aniston and go drop $120 on white over sized tee, we can be more clever about it...  Banana Republic has amazing tanks that last and if you go in on Wednesdays everything is 40% off! Be clever ;)

My list of Essentials and Restockables 

Spaghetti strap slight v-neck Tanks (I'm very particular)
- Oversized tee's (white and a softer color like mint or baby pink)
- Blouses and Tunics (pair with jeans or leggings to instantly give your outfit more class &femininity)
Oversized Sweater (Both Comfy and Chic)
- Blazer (Adds a more structured and put together look right away, pair with a tank or tee)
Peacoat and Trench Coat ( Get one longer coat and one shorter for more variety and options) 
- Leggings I even need to say why ;) 
- Dark wash Jeggings (Or denim, make sure well fitted,  flattering and a go to)
-  Bandage skirt ( 1 that goes with at least 3 shirts in your closet, good for date night and girls night)
- "LBD" (A neutral dress that you can wear on date nights, bar hopping nights, and family occasions)
- Nude Pump & Blk Pump (blk goes with everything & nude elongates your legs & goes with most)
- Flats (casual and trendy)
- Boots ( flat, heeled, wedged, w/e your preference is)
- Black clutch ( preferably with a skinny strap, perfect for clubs and bars and daytime too!)
- 1 cream colored bag and 1 black bag ( classic timeless bags that go with every outfit) 

Check out my video from my YouTube Channel below where I also touch on this subject!

                                                                                          -Stay Chic- 

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