Monday, September 24, 2012

Sequins, Chiffon, and Glam! Spotted Red Carpet Trends from the Emmy's!

I love red carpets! It's not only when I become insanely jealous that I don't have a gorgeous Marchesa gown myself, but also (besides FW) where I look to spot out popular colors, accessories, and even nails polish looks for what's to trend this winter! Here's what's under my trend radar from what I saw last night!... Keep in mind these are spotted TRENDS I'm talking about not best dressed. I have a few Jone River status critiques to come!


Thank God too, because more than half my wardrobe is swimming in a sea of it! The Zac Posen gown worn by January Jones was my # 1 fav dress on the carpet! (the gown itself that is) It wasn't just any plain old black, it was a gorgeous sheer material with silver metallic all mixed in. So I say Metallic Blacks and sheer blacks will be trending!

*How to wear it? Sheer black blouses for a sexy look, black skinny jeans with an ankle cut off boot, metallic blazers, even nail polish!

2) Ice Blues & Sea Foam Greens!

This is a trend I predict to see more of in the winter. The light blues and greens will give the dark winter months a more whimsical feel. On another note, who else died over Hiedi Kulm in Alexandre Vauthier Couture and then Julianne Hough in Georges Hobeika? Because I did! haha

*How to wear it? This is a feminine look so, a long flowing cardigan, a loose fitting high-lo blouse, jewelry pieces like a sea green stoned statement ring, even a scarf to add color to a monotone outfit! Now I need one! haha

3) Gunmetals in Chiffon and Sequins!

This is a color I believe you can wear for both fall and winter. Choose the tones wisely so it doesn't wash you out.

How to wear? Over sized sweaters, bandage skirts, Sequined blouses and blazers!

4) Gradient Glitter Tips!

Lot's of the celebrities were accessorizing their gowns with glittered, jeweled and sequined nails. One repeat trend was the gradient glitter tips in a pastels, that both Julianne Hough and Sarah Hyland wore. I will probably be doing this later on tonight!

How to wear? You can get silver glitter nail polish and sequins basically anywhere now. Pick a good base color and glitz up as you wish!

Did you guys watch the red carpet? If so what looks were you favorite!?

                                                                                       -Stay Chic-

Friday, September 21, 2012

Over Sized Sweater Lovin

Happy Friday!

Another trend for this fall is the over sized knit sweaters & high low sweaters! Although I would have to say even if this was not trending, you still catch me all bundled up in my huge grandam sweater and leggings at the grocery store anyway.

 For years now, over sized knits have been my go to look for fall, I like to refer to this look as "Grandma-Chic", makes it sound much more avant-gar right?

                                                                                       -Stay Chic-

Monday, September 17, 2012

Cheesecake with a Leopard Printed Edge

I had been craving a CheeseCake Factory delight all weekend when my boyfriend Justin and I finally broke down and succumbed to our cravings. We weren't quite sure what we were going to do after dinner so I had to dress accordingly. Something casual & sophisticated enough for a nice dinner and also chic & edgy enough for a potential bar hop. 

Boots- Express (from last winter season)
Jeans- Hollister

So I went with this relaxed navy leopard printed blouse from SugarLips Apparel, that they so kindly let me pick out to review! They're an online retailer who has amazing collection of chic trendy pieces that they consistently update on a monthly basis! I really do love the uniqueness of their pieces and highly recommend you check them out as well!!

You guys may or may not be aware of my new love for metallic based nail polishes. I feel they bring a somewhat rocker edge to any outfit! My faux patent leather clutch actually opens up to reveal a leopard print lining. I love those little hidden details in accessories that only those who are worthy can see.... like the waiter simply asking for my I.D. hah

Nail Polish- Illamasqua Nail Varnish in "Glory"
Bracelet's- Bauble Bar "Disco Ball Bangle" & an assortment of JewelMint & Express stack-able bracelets and wraps.

In case you guys would like to know I ended up going with the Miso Salmon Dish (so YUMMY) then Justin and I split the Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake, also amazingly delicious!

Check out the video of this look on my YouTube Channel here!

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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tips to Getting Ready in a Hurry

So today was one of those get ready in hurry mornings for me. I am practically the renowned snooze queen, I hit the snooze button more times than I would like to ever admit..about 15 times a morning sometimes more. I am not good at waking up when my body isn't ready, & I have been this way since middle school days.

So because of my sleepiness I have come up with a few things that cut my getting ready time in half, and maybe some of you will benefit as well! 

#1. Picking 3 or 4 makeup must haves.

This is going to vary person to person, but the few things I MUST have on my face without feeling naked are mascara, concealer, lip balm, and blush. By keeping your makeup must minimal and knowing what you need in order to feel a little more put together, this rule can help you get ready in much less time!

#2. Keeping your essentials accessible

By this I mean, make it easy for you to reach for the things you use daily. For example I keep my daily moisturizer, eye cream, and face cleanser all in a cute little wicker bin in my bathroom. I do the same for the makeup I use everyday, I keep it in it's own separate bin. Then in the morning I just take the bins out of my bathroom closet and place them on my counter and just grab whatever I need and there's no shuffling through bags and cabinets involved. 

#3. Shower at night

I know for some they prefer to shower in the day, but for me I always preferred to do so at night. This  way I don't have to worry about it in the morning, and I can allow my hair to air dry so I'm also using less heat on it the next morning (no blow drying!) 

#4. Know what your wearing

I'm really bad at this rule, and to be honest getting dressed is what takes me the longest time! If I know I need to be somewhere in the AM I try to pick out my outfit AND accessories the night before. I do this so that hopefully I won't be trying on twenty different looks and throwing clothes everywhere in a hurry. Again this is a rule I sometimes break haha But when you have you outfit picked for the following day that's one less worry you have when in a rush!

#6. Know your hair.

Figure out a hairstyle that isn't fighting it's natural movement. By that I mean not using too many heat products and finding something that you can bare for the day that didn't take you an hour to do. My hair is naturally wavy/curlyish? All I literally do when rushing is take my hair out of it's disastrous messy hot mess of a bun and brush it out with my fingers or a wide tooth comb, run over a couple cinks with a hair straightener, and then apply a hair serum.

#7. Have a favorite on the go breakfast. 

I feel like no one ever mentions food when talking about how they get ready in no time, but for me breakfast is an essential! haha I have a few on the go types of foods that I can make in a hurry one being my morning smoothie or I will do a trail mix. And I always need my coffe!

Check out my YouTube Channel 
soon for a video of me getting ready from makeup to hair to clothes in 15 mins! 

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

GlossyBox & Pink Hearts

I thought I would make you all a pink ribbon heart :)

Hi loves! I am so sorry for the lack of posts & videos in the past 2 weeks, NO I have not forgotten about you guys, I just had a recent mishap with my computer :( Long story short it completely kicked the bucket on me...But I have a new computer now so no worries any more I am back :)
So I had revived my August GlossyBox a bit ago but am now just able to chat a bit about it. If you are not sure what a GlossyBox is, it's a monthly subscription box that costs $21/mo where you get a few beauty sample goodies and one full size goodie! Here's what I got this month!

 Illamasqua Nail Varnish in "Glory"
Full Size $14.00

I'm obsessed with silver nail polish right now (mostly because I love silver) So I was thrilled to add this to my collection! If you read my "Comfy Kitten" blog post then you already know that I have a silver nail polish from Essie. But this one is a little darker & goes on a bit more easily. 

Feel like Honey Moon Skin Base from, Touch in SOL 
Full size $20.00

I have yet to use this on my face but I did swatch it on my hand & it is sooooo soft! It is suppose to be an all in one moisturizer & makeup base. The product has honey in it and looks like it would be all goopy and iky in the tube, so I was hesitant to try it on my face. But after feeling how silky and nourishing it feels I think I will be okay haha!

Ellis Faas Ellis Lips in Glazed
Full size $35.00

This was another full size product I was originally excited for until I saw the color... As you can probably see it kind of a muddy brown/purple gloss. I tried it on my lips thinking maybe it's different when applied but it's not. I know some people are into this hue on their pout but I am not quite that daring.. at least not for now. 

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum
Full size $48.00

I love this stuff so far! It's a vitamin C powered serum that helps fight environmental damage, smooths out fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C is great for your skin, I actually take a vitamin C supplement every day, so I was pleased to see this item. It's very soft and makes my face feeling almost silky

ExquisiteOil Replenishing Treatment from Biolage
Full size $22.00

I absolutely love Biolage hair products. The smell is something I can't explain but I am just obsessed with it. This hair serum had that same smell haha But I don't just love the smell I truely love there products, I have since I was 12! This is a serum infused with Moringa Oil? Do you guys know what that is?  That's actually the first time I've heard of that oil but it does make my hair very smooth and being that my hair is so thick and heavy I love how weightless this serum feels!

Check back with my YouTube Channel for a video review on the GlossyBox

You can also go to their site if you want to check it out and sign up, Let me know if you do!
 Again it's $21.00/mo, and no I was not contacted by them or anything I just love to share fun cute stuff with you guys :)

Landon really wanted to say hello, he was rubbing up against my leg the entire time I was taking these pictures :) He's my little muffin. 

But that is everything I got! I hope everyone is all having a amazing Wednesday! Are there any monthly subscription boxes you guys love?? Comment below! 

                                                                                        -Stay Chic-