Thursday, September 13, 2012

Tips to Getting Ready in a Hurry

So today was one of those get ready in hurry mornings for me. I am practically the renowned snooze queen, I hit the snooze button more times than I would like to ever admit..about 15 times a morning sometimes more. I am not good at waking up when my body isn't ready, & I have been this way since middle school days.

So because of my sleepiness I have come up with a few things that cut my getting ready time in half, and maybe some of you will benefit as well! 

#1. Picking 3 or 4 makeup must haves.

This is going to vary person to person, but the few things I MUST have on my face without feeling naked are mascara, concealer, lip balm, and blush. By keeping your makeup must minimal and knowing what you need in order to feel a little more put together, this rule can help you get ready in much less time!

#2. Keeping your essentials accessible

By this I mean, make it easy for you to reach for the things you use daily. For example I keep my daily moisturizer, eye cream, and face cleanser all in a cute little wicker bin in my bathroom. I do the same for the makeup I use everyday, I keep it in it's own separate bin. Then in the morning I just take the bins out of my bathroom closet and place them on my counter and just grab whatever I need and there's no shuffling through bags and cabinets involved. 

#3. Shower at night

I know for some they prefer to shower in the day, but for me I always preferred to do so at night. This  way I don't have to worry about it in the morning, and I can allow my hair to air dry so I'm also using less heat on it the next morning (no blow drying!) 

#4. Know what your wearing

I'm really bad at this rule, and to be honest getting dressed is what takes me the longest time! If I know I need to be somewhere in the AM I try to pick out my outfit AND accessories the night before. I do this so that hopefully I won't be trying on twenty different looks and throwing clothes everywhere in a hurry. Again this is a rule I sometimes break haha But when you have you outfit picked for the following day that's one less worry you have when in a rush!

#6. Know your hair.

Figure out a hairstyle that isn't fighting it's natural movement. By that I mean not using too many heat products and finding something that you can bare for the day that didn't take you an hour to do. My hair is naturally wavy/curlyish? All I literally do when rushing is take my hair out of it's disastrous messy hot mess of a bun and brush it out with my fingers or a wide tooth comb, run over a couple cinks with a hair straightener, and then apply a hair serum.

#7. Have a favorite on the go breakfast. 

I feel like no one ever mentions food when talking about how they get ready in no time, but for me breakfast is an essential! haha I have a few on the go types of foods that I can make in a hurry one being my morning smoothie or I will do a trail mix. And I always need my coffe!

Check out my YouTube Channel 
soon for a video of me getting ready from makeup to hair to clothes in 15 mins! 

                                                                                        -Stay Chic-

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