Sunday, October 14, 2012

Golden Autumn Cupcake

I don't know why but I always loved making cupcakes. Probably because they're like cute little pieces of heaven wrapped in a colorful piece of tin!
I made these Pumpkin cupcakes a couple weeks ago, and they were a huge hit so I will be making them again for a Halloween party next weekend. In the meantime I thought it would be fun to share what I did too make these yummy little treats adorned in golden sprinkles! 
P.S. These are not made from scratch by any means, just a simple, easy, fun little cupcake! :)

I bought everything from Hannaford except for the cupcake holders which I got from TJMaxx!

Pillsbury Quick Bread Pumpkin Mix 
Easy and so delicious! Just add eggs, water, and oil. One box is enough for 12 regular sized cupcakes.

Betty Crocker Whipped Cream Cheese Frosting
This is my favorite store bought frosting to use! You just stir it up in the container for about 30 seconds then it spreads so smoothly not to mention it's really yummy!

Cake Mate Cupcake Gems in Gold! 
I love these metallic sprinkles they also make them in solver which I have used before. They instantly make your cupcakes pretty and sparkly! I always get a lot of, "These are so cool!", "Aw so pretty!", and "Are these Silver/Gold Sprinkles?!" 

Ghiradelli Premium Baking Chips Mini Chips
Wilton Baking Cups
I use the mini semi-sweet chips so they don't take away from the rest of the cupcake leaving more room for sprinkles!
I loved these Gold Aluminum Cupcake cups because they didn't get that brown burnt look like the paper ones do.

It looks weird now but it took every ounce of strength for me to not eat this once it was all blended. All I could smell was delicious Pumpkin!

A tip I learned from a baking class I took, is use an ice cream scoop for filling up the cups. As you can probably see from this picture I forgot something important.... 

In the oven they go WITH my baking cups :p
I baked these according to the direction, took about 20 minutes.

Best eaten while still warm!
These barely lasted 3 days before everyone including myself devoured them!

So if you want an quick and easy treat for a holiday party or maybe just because, try this out! It's simple but looks like you put in the effort when choosing a them, for instance gold baking cups paired with gold sprinkles, and a little touch of chocolate :) 

Happy Cupcake Sunday! Let me know if you give these a Try, I highly recommend it!


Monday, October 1, 2012

Pretty Little Things

Here's a list of five "pretty things" in my life that make me feel happy and humbled. :) Enjoy!

One of my favorite coffee mugs... leopard printed caffeine!

I am in love with this new nail color, been wearing it all week.
Essie in A-List

My little festive Halloween corner! I love cute smiley boo ghosts things. And this year I found a silver glittery faux candle...bonus! :)

I prefer cupcake &/or frosting scents for candles. When I saw a pumpkin cupcake candle I almost passed out from excitement. This candle smells exactly like a pumpkin cupcake! 

My little fur baby, Jezzy. She's the sweetest kitty, I've had her since I was 10, and that little face always makes me happy <3 (cat lady alert) lol

What are some of your "pretty little things" that make you happy?!?

Tonight let's all think pretty little thoughts :)