Monday, October 1, 2012

Pretty Little Things

Here's a list of five "pretty things" in my life that make me feel happy and humbled. :) Enjoy!

One of my favorite coffee mugs... leopard printed caffeine!

I am in love with this new nail color, been wearing it all week.
Essie in A-List

My little festive Halloween corner! I love cute smiley boo ghosts things. And this year I found a silver glittery faux candle...bonus! :)

I prefer cupcake &/or frosting scents for candles. When I saw a pumpkin cupcake candle I almost passed out from excitement. This candle smells exactly like a pumpkin cupcake! 

My little fur baby, Jezzy. She's the sweetest kitty, I've had her since I was 10, and that little face always makes me happy <3 (cat lady alert) lol

What are some of your "pretty little things" that make you happy?!?

Tonight let's all think pretty little thoughts :)


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