Sunday, January 6, 2013

2013 Styles Resolutions!

                            Happy New Year!!

I was recently inspired by Evelina from her channel EveliniCutza to do a Style Resolution!!
I already had some things I planned to accomplish fashion wise in this new year, so I though why not share with my subscribers and followers so that YOU, my little kittens can hold me accountable!!! I'm constantly looking for ways to not only better myself but also challenge my style! This year I have some pretty big goals for myself that I want to accomplish so that I can look back in 2014 and hopefully say, I did okay :) So here we go...

1) Bulk up on Essentials!

I am in a place where I 100% know exactly what my essential must haves are! ((Find out what my essentials are here!) I have experimented with items enough that I feel I can now expand on by buying a few back ups! This way I have less stress in the morning thinking oh crap my favorite white tank top is in the wash or my only pair of basic black leggings are ripped!! :-o

2) Finish Organizing My Clothes/Closet!

I have been very bad about this in the past and I have to say having clothes all over the place makes for an extremely frustrating morning!!! SHAME ON ME! I already got a little head start on this organization disaster a couple days before the new year by finally storing my summer clothes away... I know I know you don't have to say anything, I know what you're thinking!... My dressers are all done and actually make sense know but I MUST tackle my closet! So that's next on the list :)

3) Challenge My Style with some more EDGE!

I have always been very inspired by the 90's grundge looks since I was little. But you would never know that by looking at my style! Starting in 09' I started to added the slightest touches of edgy to my look with little accsessories here and there, maybe a heel with straps all over. However even though I explain my style as feminine with a touch of edge, I don't know if most others would.... I mean it's been a very small 'touch"... So I have decided I want to start to implement this into my style some more but in MY way! So you guys will see how I choose to do that in upcoming looks! :)

4) Implement More Colors and Patterns into my Style!

This is actually the hardest thing for me. I am very very stubborn when it comes to color, I know how to shop for items that withstand time and that's by keeping it NEUTRAL! But I have mastered that in 2012 so much so's all I have :-/ It's time for a little more fun! I stepped my toes into the colorful side of fashion a little this past spring and summer with colored jeans and brighter tops but when my friends start telling me I'm known as someone who wears mostly creams and pinks I decided NO, this must change!!!
As for patterns, I've been having a lot of fun playing with them this past fall so I want definitely want to continue that throughout the year!

5) Make a Creative Video!

This is the most important one for me and my Channel! I have been doing a lot of research on this particular goal and it's something that I am holding very near and dear to my heart. Here's why: All day no matter where I am my mind is constantly thinking up ideas, this is how I've always been & have been told by many that I am a chronic day dreamer... I have what I like to think of as a very vivid and creative imagination and I want to be able to share that with you guys! I'm always getting inspired by fashion, art, people, and nature. One of the reasons I started to make videos on YouTube was because I waned to share my knowledge of fashion and maybe help others! But I also wanted to eventually learn how to take what ideas I have in my head and be able to somewhat show you guys that through an amazing video with the goal to inspire people a little more. Even if it's only one person I am pleased :)
 Making videos for you guys has been my escape from the stresses of the world where I can just sit in front of the camera and talk fashion with you all! But for the longest time I have wanted to do something a little more creative! I want to eventually be able to use my channel as a platform to stage my creativity through these projects! With that said.... this is something that could take time, yes I have done a lot of research and made some upgrades to my software but it may start out very small but hopefully I will get at least one creative inspiring video out of it!

Whew!! Okay so now that you guys know all my Style Resolutions you have my permission to harp on me about them!! But remember the last one takes a LOT of work so give me some slack on that one ;)

But now I have homework for guys too!! You are not getting off that easy kiddos! If you have read this post and love fashion then I want you to go to your closet, look through past pictures or OOTD's and take a good look at your wardrobe and then come up with your own style resolutions! It can be anything! Then come back here and comment below what your Style Resolutions list is! Fashion is an art form and a way that we express ourselves, so let's all help inspire each other in 2013! Let's hold ourselves accountable so that we can take a look back at the end of this year and say I did that!

Hopefully you will all join me on this style journey I've committed too and we shall see where it takes us! :)

                                                                   -Stay Chic-