Monday, February 4, 2013

5 Things From Pink Cake Pops to Breakfast Flowers

Hi loves!
I'm a sucker for cute girly things that bring a little serenity and or joy to my life! I think its important to allow yourself to enjoy in a little indulgent once in awhile whether it's by purchasing a nice candle to warm up your surroundings, buying a little something extra to add to an outfit, eating a piece of cake, or having a little night out with the someone you love :) Here are some things that brought little pieces of heaven to me this past week! Maybe they can inspire you guys to also allow yourselves some if your own indulgences this week!

Technically this is 3 things on one picture, but I love my little corner coffee table set up! I decorated it to represent a winter-wonderland sort of feel :) 

I've been loving this white lace halter bra from Free People! I like adding it to my bulky oversize sweaters to add a subtle touch of femininity 

If you haven't had the birthday cake, Cake Pop from Starbucks, you're missing out. Not only is it cute and PINK but it's soooooo delicious too. Yum!

Justin and I went "Glow Bowling" this weekend! I sacrificed comfort and forced myself to use the 10lb one just because it was pink ;) lol 

The best part of my week was when Justin served me this :) It's a fried egg in a green pepper made to look like a yummy little Daisy (my favorite flower) He said he went through two other eggs before getting it just right! Sweet little things like this is why I love him and feel so lucky :) <3 Note the Valentine Napkin! 

What little things make your week special?

                                                                    -Stay Chic -

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