Monday, September 23, 2013

How to "Pimp" Your Wardrobe &/or Be On-Trend

Hi Loves!

So I've done a lot of videos and posts on how to start and/or build you wardrobe. The first step to all of these video is knowing your style, then I try to show you guys all the essential and basic pieces you should have, then how to create different looks out of them. If you haven't seen those videos They are all linked below this post!

For some you may be like, "Okay Kaylee so I have all these basics and essentials, now what?" Now it's time to spice things up a little and get some pieces in your wardrobe that really showcase your style and creative expression! The trick to doing this is to welcome in a few "Statement" pieces into your closet along with some trends for each season.

**Just a side note to those of you who are new to my blog and YouTube Channel:  I always highly recommend to NOT spend a ton of money on trends! Always spend a little more on good quality basics but when it comes to trends, they often dye somewhere down the road so these are usually not the right kind of items to invest in.

So if you're feeling that your wardrobe  is lacking some life and color then keep reading to find some quick and easy tips on how to "Pimp" your Wardrobe!

Look to What's Trending This Season

I try to consistently post a new video every few months too update you guys of the trends for that particular season, you can find these on my YouTube channel by following this link, but educating yourself on what's trending is a quick and easy way to know what to add to your wardrobe in order to make it current. My suggestion and something that I do is, make a list of the trends that you like and feel would suit your style. (If your not sure what you Style is watch my "How to Find your Style" video here:

Take Inventory of your Closet

What this means is, before you go shopping for new trends, make sure to check your closet for your what you are in need of. Let's say that you look at your closet and notice that you have a lot of wedges from summer, but now it's fall and you have only one pair of basic black boots. That's great that you have a pair of basic boots that you can pair with everything in your closet, but that gives you leeway to go out and purchase those leopard printed booties you had your eye on! So essentially you're looking at your wardrobe and saying, "Okay this is what I do have, this is what I need (like some type of basic or essential), and this is what I WANT!" - i.e. your trends and statements needs!

Make Your Wishlist

Now that you have an idea of what's trending and what you style needs are, it's time to write out your wish list! I like to put my wishlist on paper in a note book that I use for specifically for shopping, then when I'm feeling antsy and in desperate need of new pieces, I go to my wish list and my bank account. That way before I run out and start over spending on items I don't need, I have a list to keep me grounded and remind me of what I could use...then I have my bank account to remind me of how much I can spend ha. I then write all the top items I want that day in my phone note pad and I'm ready to go!

I hope you guys found these tricks usefull?! Will you be "Pimping out" your style now after reading this? If so how?!

I have more tips to come including more specific ways you can upgrade your basics with trends and statement pieces that fit YOUR style! These tips will be in my "How to Pimp Your Wardrobe" video, I will be posting later tonight on my YouTube channel! So don't forget you can find it here and if you would like, you can always Subscribe to my channel too so you never miss a new fashion video! It's really easy to do, it's free, and it shows your support of my channel and blog! Don't forget to say hi to in the comments! :)

I hope you all have an amazing day, and stay chic!

"Style is a way of saying who you are without having to speak"
-Rachel Zoe

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spotted NYFW Street Style Trends!

Hey loves!

Here is a list of Street Style Trends from NY Fashion Week, I found on Instagram, Blogs, and Websites! To come up with this list it takes a lot of time researching, especially since I did not actually attend NYFW. So I understand that knowing exactly what's trending can be both difficult and time consuming. That's why I did all the dirty work for you guys and compiled a clean cut, straight to the point, cheat sheet list of what you need to know about this years Street Style Trends!

Street Style is an amazing go to source of inspiration I use to get my creative juices flowing when it come to my style. And Spring NYFW is where everyone dresses in the best of their best fall outfits, so it's a great place to look to for your own outfitting ideas!

If you want some more in depth ideas of how you can rock these trends then make sure to check out my YouTube video below! xx

The List

1) Prints
-Pop Art

- Matching tops with bottoms.
- Printed Handbags
- Printed Shoes

2) Black & White
- All black Jumpsuit with white shoes and accessories
- Black and white suiting
- White dress with black blazer
- black and white accessories
- black and white dresses

3) Pink
-Baby Pink
-Hot Pink
-Bubble Gum Pink

-Anything! Accessories, scarves, shoes, pants, tops, dresses, jackets, ect.

4) Cobalt Blues

5) Army Greens

6) Crop Top/Midi Skirt Combo
- Perfect summer to fall transitional outfit!
- paired with boots or booties and socks

7) Strappy Heels
-T Strap Heel
- Thick Ankle Strap Heel
- Lace up Heel

8) Vibrant Colors
- Greens
- Yellows
- Pinks
- Blues
- Wines or Burgandy
-Great way to incoroporate these colors is with accessories likes hats, scarves, clutches. And statement pieces, like Jackets or Shoes!

9) The Bucket Bag

10) Sweater and/or Long Sleeved Crop Top

12) Elevated Essentials Look
- Pairing a plain or graphic Tee with jeans and a bold statement piece, like a Leopard print heel!

13) The Model Of Duty Look
-Effortless yet chic as hell looks!

-Distressed shorts paired with a graphic tee and sling back black heels.
-Graphic Sweater, black jeans, boots.
-Jeans, Tee, blazer, and a killer heel

14) The Red Pout
- Deep Red lips

15) Printed or Colorful Hot Shorts
-Pair with a sweater and clutch!

16) Chambray Button Up

17) Flannel Button Up

Stay Chic! 

Monday, September 9, 2013

SiHo Clothing GIVEAWAY!

Hi loves!!!

I have exciting news today! I just posted a new video on my channel that shows you a few quick and easy ways transition some of your summer clothing into fall! Along with that I featured some amazing clothes from the company SiHo!

SiHo was kind enough to allow me to pick out two items to review for them. Now I'm really reeeally careful when it comes to reviewing anything for you guys ESPECIALLY clothes! I've been contacted by a lot of start up clothing company's and already established ones too, however I politely turned them all down because either there clothes weren't my style,...trashy... or  I didn't care for their website, felt the quality was poor, ect. SiHo however struck my eye! I went to their website and though "okay so far so good" it was clean, straight to the point, and more importantly had gorgeous clothes! I then took a look at the materials in the clothes which are 50% Modal and 50% Cotton. That mix of fabrics is amazingly soft as well as high quality! So all in all they had my approval. Once I got the items I was ecstatic to see that the XS dress actually fit my petite frame since that never happens and the top i wanted was exactly how i'd imagined! So they delivered ;)

If you would like a chance to get a SiHo piece of your choice for FREE.... then I suggest you take a lookaroo at the GIVEAWAY I'm holding on my YouTube Channel! There will be TWO winners, plus I have a bunch of extra entry options for you all, so you can be entered in up to 8 times!

Also, I thought I should mention that the Giveaway video shows few ways that you can transition summer pieces into fall, featuring the two SiHo items I received. I know that September can be tough with the on again off again cold to hot weather; and that it's always good when you can still use that pricey pair of shorts from this summer in the fall! So, let me know in the comments section if you guys would like me to do more outfits that showcase ways you can bring those cute summer clothes into your newer fall wardrobe!

So again, these are high price point, high quality, and highly chic clothes! So give them a look on their website,, and enter my giveaway by clicking on the video below if you'd like! :)

Stay Chic!


Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chic Dorm Room & Bedroom Essentials for the Style Savvy Girl!

Hi loves!

So all you college ladies are probably at school, all settled in and ready for the year ahead...or maybe not so much for some ;) ha. If you are anything like I was in college (and now) then you probably like your room of slumber to be surrounded by pretty yet functional items! I recently added a "5 Must haves for Dorms/Bedrooms" video to my College Style Guide Series on my YouTube channel, TheStylesMeow ( The series was focused around what any fashion conscious college girl needed from Wardrobe Essentials to Lookbooks, to Easy on the Go Hairstyles! This series doesn't just benefit College girls though, anyone can pick up tips and outfit ideas from this series! So check it out if you haven't already, I would really apreciate it and feel free to leave any feedback! :) Here's the link:

Onto the whole point of this post haha! Here are 5 Items both College students and non-college students can use to get their room more chic and use to make YOU more chic! Enjoy!

This Pin Cushion Dress Form is not only going to give your room a more Parisian esq' feel but it serves as a functional purpose to! Oin your everyday Jewely to it, like I did with the leaf necklace, and then you can easily grab your accessories on the way out the door! 
The mirrored frame serves TWO purposes! Mirrors help to open up a space and make it feel bigger than it actually is! it's kind of like how a window in a tiny room makes you feel less claustrophobic... unless that's just me? Now I know dorm rooms are small, but before you run out and buy 4 mirrors to hang on ever wall, get a little creative! You can buy a LOT of mirrored furniture pieces, light fixtures, and other accessories now, like my picture frame :) 

Push Pin Form- TJMaxx
Mirrored Frame - Arden B. years ago!
Places carry them: Pier One, Pottery Barn, Target, TJMaxx, Bed Bath & Beyond

Get a nice sturdy drop hanger to conserve space in closets and also to use for your jeans or scarves, like I do!

Drop Hanger- Target 

This stuff is amazing for when you're in a hurry! Just spray it all over your wrinkled top or dress, smooth over with you hands and wrinkled are gone! I'm in love with this stuff!

Magic Wrinkle Remover - Some Grocery Stores in the Laundry Isle

This combo is an essential for dorms! I use to always study with my favorite candle burning while sipping some sort of cafine infused beverage from my favorite coffee mug! It just helped to relax me a little :) Now I still do this on the regular for stress relief! 

Okay love bugs that's everything!!! What are some of your dorm room or bedroom essentials to make your life a little less chaotic, stressed, and chic?!? 

Check out my Youtube video below too if you'd like!

Stay Chic!