Thursday, September 5, 2013

Chic Dorm Room & Bedroom Essentials for the Style Savvy Girl!

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So all you college ladies are probably at school, all settled in and ready for the year ahead...or maybe not so much for some ;) ha. If you are anything like I was in college (and now) then you probably like your room of slumber to be surrounded by pretty yet functional items! I recently added a "5 Must haves for Dorms/Bedrooms" video to my College Style Guide Series on my YouTube channel, TheStylesMeow ( The series was focused around what any fashion conscious college girl needed from Wardrobe Essentials to Lookbooks, to Easy on the Go Hairstyles! This series doesn't just benefit College girls though, anyone can pick up tips and outfit ideas from this series! So check it out if you haven't already, I would really apreciate it and feel free to leave any feedback! :) Here's the link:

Onto the whole point of this post haha! Here are 5 Items both College students and non-college students can use to get their room more chic and use to make YOU more chic! Enjoy!

This Pin Cushion Dress Form is not only going to give your room a more Parisian esq' feel but it serves as a functional purpose to! Oin your everyday Jewely to it, like I did with the leaf necklace, and then you can easily grab your accessories on the way out the door! 
The mirrored frame serves TWO purposes! Mirrors help to open up a space and make it feel bigger than it actually is! it's kind of like how a window in a tiny room makes you feel less claustrophobic... unless that's just me? Now I know dorm rooms are small, but before you run out and buy 4 mirrors to hang on ever wall, get a little creative! You can buy a LOT of mirrored furniture pieces, light fixtures, and other accessories now, like my picture frame :) 

Push Pin Form- TJMaxx
Mirrored Frame - Arden B. years ago!
Places carry them: Pier One, Pottery Barn, Target, TJMaxx, Bed Bath & Beyond

Get a nice sturdy drop hanger to conserve space in closets and also to use for your jeans or scarves, like I do!

Drop Hanger- Target 

This stuff is amazing for when you're in a hurry! Just spray it all over your wrinkled top or dress, smooth over with you hands and wrinkled are gone! I'm in love with this stuff!

Magic Wrinkle Remover - Some Grocery Stores in the Laundry Isle

This combo is an essential for dorms! I use to always study with my favorite candle burning while sipping some sort of cafine infused beverage from my favorite coffee mug! It just helped to relax me a little :) Now I still do this on the regular for stress relief! 

Okay love bugs that's everything!!! What are some of your dorm room or bedroom essentials to make your life a little less chaotic, stressed, and chic?!? 

Check out my Youtube video below too if you'd like!

Stay Chic!

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