Monday, September 9, 2013

SiHo Clothing GIVEAWAY!

Hi loves!!!

I have exciting news today! I just posted a new video on my channel that shows you a few quick and easy ways transition some of your summer clothing into fall! Along with that I featured some amazing clothes from the company SiHo!

SiHo was kind enough to allow me to pick out two items to review for them. Now I'm really reeeally careful when it comes to reviewing anything for you guys ESPECIALLY clothes! I've been contacted by a lot of start up clothing company's and already established ones too, however I politely turned them all down because either there clothes weren't my style,...trashy... or  I didn't care for their website, felt the quality was poor, ect. SiHo however struck my eye! I went to their website and though "okay so far so good" it was clean, straight to the point, and more importantly had gorgeous clothes! I then took a look at the materials in the clothes which are 50% Modal and 50% Cotton. That mix of fabrics is amazingly soft as well as high quality! So all in all they had my approval. Once I got the items I was ecstatic to see that the XS dress actually fit my petite frame since that never happens and the top i wanted was exactly how i'd imagined! So they delivered ;)

If you would like a chance to get a SiHo piece of your choice for FREE.... then I suggest you take a lookaroo at the GIVEAWAY I'm holding on my YouTube Channel! There will be TWO winners, plus I have a bunch of extra entry options for you all, so you can be entered in up to 8 times!

Also, I thought I should mention that the Giveaway video shows few ways that you can transition summer pieces into fall, featuring the two SiHo items I received. I know that September can be tough with the on again off again cold to hot weather; and that it's always good when you can still use that pricey pair of shorts from this summer in the fall! So, let me know in the comments section if you guys would like me to do more outfits that showcase ways you can bring those cute summer clothes into your newer fall wardrobe!

So again, these are high price point, high quality, and highly chic clothes! So give them a look on their website,, and enter my giveaway by clicking on the video below if you'd like! :)

Stay Chic!


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