Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top 5 Fall 2013 Runway Hairstyles

Happy Halloween lovies!

Can you believe it's the last day of October already!? I can't. Even though it's now the month of prepping for winter and Christmas, we're still technically in fall. Which means we're still in need of cute hairstyles for, football games to impress that boy, to make work less of a drag,  stand out at parties, and Thanksgiving.

So I've recently been obsessing over different hair styles and the one thing I noticed about this years fall/winter fashion shows, were that the hair was made to look effortless yet thoughtful. Think low loose pony tails with a little volume at the crown or barely there waves that you in fact put there yourself.

So grab your cup of coffee and dish of Halloween candy, and enjoy my 5 Runway Inspired Hairstyles that I've recently fell in love with:

Low Ponytail

Low Ponytail
                                      Low Ponytail by thestylesmeow on Polyvore

Runway Braids

Runway Braids
                                    Runway Braids by thestylesmeow on Polyvore

Barley There Waves

Barely There Runway Waves
                                Barely There Runway Waves by thestylesmeow featuring haircare

Side Swept Faux Bangs 

Side Swept
                                     Side Swept by thestylesmeow on Polyvore

Low Deconstructed Bun

Low Deconstructed Bun

Which ones are your favorite?! Would you guys like a tutorial for any of these styles on my YouTube channel? Comment below! 

Stay Chic!

Monday, October 28, 2013

TREND REPORT: The Chic Sweatshirt

Happy Monday loves!

This fall and winter there is a new must have to keep you warm and cozy, it's what I like to refer to as the "Chic Sweatshirt"! These are made to amp up the style factor of you outfit with embellished sleeves, unique prints, and bold colors.

I love this trend for it's fresh new take on the basic pullover; elevating the sweatshirt from a safe laid back piece to an eye popping statement moment, all while still keeping us warm and comfortable.

This trend is also more versatile than you may think at first. Pair it with jeans and booties for an effortlessly chic look, a faux leather skirt and tights for some edge, or over a patterned blouse for a mixed print moment.

Chic Sweatshirts
                                 Chic Sweatshirts by thestylesmeow featuring shirt tops

How would you guys style this new trend?! Comment below! <3

Stay Chic!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Shoe Trends for Fall 2013

Hey again Loves!

So I'm kind of a chronic shoe... you know what, especially when it come to fall shoes. There is no easier way to elevate and modernize an old outfit than by incorporating a new fresh fall appropriate shoe. From skin exposing cut outs to seductive lengths, this fall is certainly not about covering up. Think, lingerie for your feet ;) 

So Grab a hot beverage and maybe your wallet... and let your eyes be enticed by these beauties!

Cut Outs 

Cut Out Heel

                                 Cut Out Heel by thestylesmeow featuring jessica simpson pumps

Ankle Straps

Ankle Strap Trend

                              Ankle Strap Trend by thestylesmeow featuring colorful shoes

Peek-a-Boo Booties

Peek-a-Boo Bootie

                               Peek-a-Boo Bootie by thestylesmeow featuring giuseppe zanotti booties

Thigh & Knee Highs

Thigh High & Knee High Boots

                    Thigh High & Knee High Boots by thestylesmeow featuring high heel leather boots

Stacked Heels

Stacked Heel

                                     Stacked Heel by thestylesmeow featuring gray booties

Lace Ups

Lace up

                                         Lace up by thestylesmeow featuring black boots

Biker Chic

Biker Chic Shoes

                                 Biker Chic Shoes by thestylesmeow featuring high heel boots

Which of these are you on your must have list this season?? Comment below & feel free to stop by my YouTube channel for more shoe dazzling experiences! 

Stay Chic!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blazing in Leather - Leather Trimmed Blazers for Fall & Winter

Hello loves!

A blazer is the probably the most versatile piece you will own in your wardrobe. This piece will elevate your casual combos of basics and jeans, add structure and sophistication to dresses, bring balance to bright color palettes, and is the perfect layering piece on top of sweaters and jackets. Not to mention, when tailored right the blazer can add dimension and structure to any silhouette.

All in all, you should invest in a tailored blazer in a classic black or white. Having this staple piece in your wardrobe can easily turn into your trusty sidekick when frantically looking levitate your look from casual to chic. My blazer of choice for today though... the leather trimmed blazer.

A sharp blazer with leather trimmings is the quintessential piece in order to achieve a modern on-trend look this fall. This edgy yet classic piece is at it's best in a jersey material for movement and in lengths anywhere below the top of your hip bone for easy pairings.

The leather trimmed blazer can be worn with a multitude of outfits, each to create their own story. You guys know how I love my lists! Well here is yet another list of a few outfit ideas for this gorgeous item.

Leather Trimmed Blazer
                                   Leather Trimmed Blazer by thestylesmeow featuring blazers

Model Off Duty
Pair with a graphic T, boyfriend jeans rolled up at the bottom, and a strappy heel or open toed sued boot.

Edgy Elegance 
Pair with a fitted fall dress in bold stripes or prints and over the knee boots or ankle booties.

Cute and Polished
Pair with a stripped 3/4 sleeve length T, a linen shorts, tights, knee high socks, and a classic black heel.

Cozy Chic 
Pair with a fitted sweater, skinny jeans, heels or booties, topped off with a layering scarf.

Are you now enticed by the leather trimmed blazer? How would you style this beauty? Comment below and make sure to check back on my YouTube Channel for a Lookbook on this piece!

Stay Chic xx

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trend Report = 7 Fall Jackets Trends

Hi loves!

So we are all aware that long, exaggerated, menswear inspired coats are trending this season. Unfortunately this is not the perfect trend for us short petite girls. Often times this look can swallow us hole and make us look even shorter, and what petite girl wants that...really. That is unless you want to look like your coat has eaten you for breakfast and has now decided to take a stroll down the street, pumpkin spice latte in hand, with your little head bobbing around on top. If that is the case, than rock it girl!

However for the rest of us this is not the only jacket trend for fall and winter 2013! So read on for a quick shopping guide on 7 more jacket trends for fall and winter that will make you feel just as chic

1) Tweed

Tweed Jackets

Tweed Jackets by thestylesmeow featuring a tweed biker jacket

2) Cropped Trench

Cropped Trench
                                    Cropped Trench by thestylesmeow featuring Witchery coats

3) Moto Inspired 

Moto Inspired
                             Moto Inspired by thestylesmeow featuring a lightweight quilted jacket

4) Faux Fur

Faux Fur
                                       Faux Fur by thestylesmeow featuring a light pink coat

5) Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket
                                Bomber Jacket by thestylesmeow featuring a shearling flight jacket

6) Utilitarian Parka 

                                               Parka by thestylesmeow featuring a fur hood coat

7) Statement Jackets

Statement Jacket
Statement Jacket by thestylesmeow featuring a zara cardigan

Which Jacket Trend is your Favorite?! Comment below & make sure to go to my YouTube video below to watch my Trend Report on these beauties too!

Stay Chic!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Fashion 2013 Color Trends

Hello loves!

So I had planned to upload a video on this first but due to some technical issues I have to postpone it until solved! In the meantime I thought I would just go ahead and give you a quick shortened version of the video which is, as titled above, about trending colors for fall!!

This fall is not like your usual fall season closet, filled with the usual gray's, taupe's, army greens, dark vampy reds, brown's, and black (although some of those are still involved!)This particular fall we get to play with bright eye popping colors! The Pantone Color Report calls this fall "The Palette of many moods!"
So after some researching, along with keeping a close eye on what all the whose-who was wearing to this years fashion week, I put together a list the what I believe to be the top 5 fall must have colors! 

So here is your quick shopping guide to being right on-trend with this fall's vivid array of colors!

1) Black is the New Black

Color: Black
Style: Chic & Sleek
How: Anything! Accessories, jackets, pants, dresses, handbags, killer heels!
Outfit Inspiration: Try the "Blacked Out Look" with a black tank paired with a black leather accented blazer, black pants or skirt topped off with a complementing accent such as a striking blue heel or gold accessories. 

2) Think Pink!

Color: Lighter Pinks and Striking Pinks
Style: Soft & Feminine
How: Either as an accent to your look in handbags, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and even nail polish. Or as a subtle yet still eye catching statement piece in exaggerated coats, trousers, blazers, sweaters! 
Outfit Inspiration: Try it as a statement piece with a black skirt paired with open toe black booties, a neutral sweater paired off with a pink coat or blazer. Go even more bold, with black leather leggings, a striking pink sweater, and black and white printed trench coat! 

3) Samba Mamba Red

Color: Scarlet Reds and Reds with violet undertones
Style: Sexy and Mysterious
How: Dresses, blouses, coats, scarves, and skirts.
Outfit Inspiration: Show your inner sexy, feminine, yet powerful side with a form fitting short sleeve dress, with black heels, a scarf if needed for warmth, and a chic pair of cat eye sunglasses. Tres Chic!

4) The "It" Blue

Color: Bright Vivid Blues
Style: Bold & Striking
How: Anything! Shoes, blazers, jackets, pants, skirts, blouses, handbags, belts, and bracelets. 
Outfit Inspiration: Bring a playful vibe to fall with a  paneled flouncy dress paired with black tights, booties, and gold accents. 

5) White Out Elegance

Color: White
Style: Classy and Pristine
How: White leather jacket, pants, skirts, accessories.
Outfit Inspiration: Do the "White Out look" by pairing white pants skinny jeans with a fitted white blazer. For a less structured look pair a white skirt with a white chunky sweater with some knee high taupe boots. 

Thanks for stopping by! 
Are you guys loving these color trends?! How are you incorporating these colors into your style this fall?! Comment below! And don't forget to check back at my YouTube Fashion Channel for a more in depth video on these trends here: 

Stay Chic!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Be Trendy NOT a Trend Slave!

#1 Rule of Style: Style should not feel RESTRICTING!

Hey loves!

So season to season there is always going to be a new trend, you can put money down on it! This is why it's important to understand how to be "Trendy" and not fall victim to becoming a "Trend Slave"!

What is a Trend Slave? A trend slave is someone who is constantly purchasing new trends over and over with every change of season, month, week, and sometimes days. All in all being a trend slave can is one way to empty out your bank account in no time!

 Now while I'm all about expressing yourself through fashion and I understand that sometimes we wear things for shock value, for some of us that's not always the intention or it's just not in our budget! So for you guys I have complied 3 steps to making sure you're on-trend while not falling into the "Trend Slave" category! Enjoy!

1) Know your style!

You have to know YOUR style first, this is the first and most important step behind being trendy! Once you know your style and have set wardrobe of  your own Staples and Essentials this makes it easier to incorporate trends into the wardrobe you've already created! If you're unsure of your own style I already have a video on my YouTube channel here- where I give you guys some tips on how to figure out your style and also what "Style" means! And no I do not suggest putting yourself into a specific category, but you will have to watch to figure out what I'm talking about!

2) Prep before Shopping!

Here comes another link ha! I did a whole entire video on this last week here- as well as blog post here- In these I explained to you guys the simplest way to know what's currently trending and how to know if those trends are ones you should be buying or not. Firstly its important to know whats trending because, of course, if you don't know what's on trend this year or season then you're style isn't going to be current. Also the prepping is a crucial step to make sure you're not becoming a trend slave! Why? Because like I explain fully in my" How to Be On-Trend" video, this is when you, take notes of what trends you like. Afterwards you then take inventory of what you already have, then makes a list of your Trends Wishlist and Trend Needs. Then you narrow it all down into a shopping list of what you're really committed to buying. This type of prepping prevents you from buying a ton of trends all at once, or ones that don't suit your style and wardrobe. NOW because you prepped you're not going out into the danger zone unarmed!

3) One Trend at a Time

 Instead of going crazy and buying all the trends on your list it's always good to start with 1-3 trends first, especially if your on a budget. That way you can try it out to see if it's really something you love and suits your lifestyle. I personally like to start with an accessory if I'm unsure about a particular trend. (if it's a color or a pattern of course) Just for example, let's say that you wanted to try out the new baby pink trench coat trend that a ton of fashion editors and who's who were rocking at NYFW this fall, however you never ever even touched the color. I would then suggest to start to incorporate the color into your wardrobe by starting with a baby pink scarf, or a clutch, or even a statement necklace. That way your most likely not dropping $200-$500 on that oversize trench coat only to wear it once or twice. If you find you love the color and still want that coat then go for it!

Those are my tips for you lovelies! Are you trying out any new trends or planning to soon? How are you going to incorporate them into your style?!

Stay Chic.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 Fall Fashion Essentials

I don't know how many times I can say that fall is my FAVORITE time of the year for fashion! I believe it's the best time to experiment with layering, textures, patterns, mixing and matching, ect. I always talk to you guys about the importance of basic and investing in your staple items, but, to have fun in keep your style updated it's just as important to have your seasonal essentials!

Here are some of my fall fashion essentials, some I already have in my possession and others are on my wish list! Enjoy!

1) Bold Coat
Bold coats were everywhere on the runways of fall fashion shows so it was no surprise how many you could spot on the streets of New York City during this years fashion week! The point of these coats, are to make a statement so this could be done with a eye popping color like a cobalt blue, or with exaggerated lengths like a long menswear inspired trench. 

2) Booties
I have started to acquire a little collection of these leather and sued gems. Booties go perfectly with your skirts, dresses, and jeans, therefore an absolute fall essential!

3) A Fall Dress
There is nothing more easy and chic than a fall dress styled with a jacket, tall boots or heels, and your favorite statement accessory! I love the form fitting fall dresses have made a comeback this season because it's so effortless while of course being chic. These actually bring me back to my elementary days where all I wore to school were dresses with my tights!

4) A Casual Blazer
I'm loving the longer blazers paired with a graphic tee look this year. It's become an essential for me because it's not only versatile but it's also become somewhat of a dependable fashion buddy for me. It's so easy when your in hurry to just throw on a pair of jeans and a tee but spend that extra millisecond to top the look off with your casual blazer and maybe some cute shoes and statement necklace and you went from basic to BAM in not time ;) 

5) Statement Skirts
Some of you may be like, how is this an essential Kayee? I will tell you, I have become a huge fan of statement skirts this year. I'm talking skirts in prints, sequins, leather, long and short! They are surprisingly a good fall back item for when you're feeling a bit frumpy. Just pair it with a basic top or sweater along with tights and boots or a tee with a jacket or long cardi and you just stepped up your a game in a snap!

6) Leopard Printed Accessories
I've been a leopard print junkie for about 4 years now but this year is without a doubt the year of the leopard! I always say, the perfect way too incorporate trends into your style is with accessories! Some leopard beauties I have my eye out for this fall include, shoes, clutches, and scarves! 

Have you or are you going to rock any of these items this year?! What are your Fall Fashion Essentials this year?!! I'm always looking for some new ideas so let me know by leaving a comment!

Thank you for reading & I hope you're having an amazing day! If not make it the best day you can :)

Stay Chic!