Tuesday, October 1, 2013

2013 Fall Fashion Essentials

I don't know how many times I can say that fall is my FAVORITE time of the year for fashion! I believe it's the best time to experiment with layering, textures, patterns, mixing and matching, ect. I always talk to you guys about the importance of basic and investing in your staple items, but, to have fun in keep your style updated it's just as important to have your seasonal essentials!

Here are some of my fall fashion essentials, some I already have in my possession and others are on my wish list! Enjoy!

1) Bold Coat
Bold coats were everywhere on the runways of fall fashion shows so it was no surprise how many you could spot on the streets of New York City during this years fashion week! The point of these coats, are to make a statement so this could be done with a eye popping color like a cobalt blue, or with exaggerated lengths like a long menswear inspired trench. 

2) Booties
I have started to acquire a little collection of these leather and sued gems. Booties go perfectly with your skirts, dresses, and jeans, therefore an absolute fall essential!

3) A Fall Dress
There is nothing more easy and chic than a fall dress styled with a jacket, tall boots or heels, and your favorite statement accessory! I love the form fitting fall dresses have made a comeback this season because it's so effortless while of course being chic. These actually bring me back to my elementary days where all I wore to school were dresses with my tights!

4) A Casual Blazer
I'm loving the longer blazers paired with a graphic tee look this year. It's become an essential for me because it's not only versatile but it's also become somewhat of a dependable fashion buddy for me. It's so easy when your in hurry to just throw on a pair of jeans and a tee but spend that extra millisecond to top the look off with your casual blazer and maybe some cute shoes and statement necklace and you went from basic to BAM in not time ;) 

5) Statement Skirts
Some of you may be like, how is this an essential Kayee? I will tell you, I have become a huge fan of statement skirts this year. I'm talking skirts in prints, sequins, leather, long and short! They are surprisingly a good fall back item for when you're feeling a bit frumpy. Just pair it with a basic top or sweater along with tights and boots or a tee with a jacket or long cardi and you just stepped up your a game in a snap!

6) Leopard Printed Accessories
I've been a leopard print junkie for about 4 years now but this year is without a doubt the year of the leopard! I always say, the perfect way too incorporate trends into your style is with accessories! Some leopard beauties I have my eye out for this fall include, shoes, clutches, and scarves! 

Have you or are you going to rock any of these items this year?! What are your Fall Fashion Essentials this year?!! I'm always looking for some new ideas so let me know by leaving a comment!

Thank you for reading & I hope you're having an amazing day! If not make it the best day you can :)

Stay Chic!

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  1. My favourites are an autumn dress and a blazer. I could use some new ones. Love. :)