Thursday, October 3, 2013

Be Trendy NOT a Trend Slave!

#1 Rule of Style: Style should not feel RESTRICTING!

Hey loves!

So season to season there is always going to be a new trend, you can put money down on it! This is why it's important to understand how to be "Trendy" and not fall victim to becoming a "Trend Slave"!

What is a Trend Slave? A trend slave is someone who is constantly purchasing new trends over and over with every change of season, month, week, and sometimes days. All in all being a trend slave can is one way to empty out your bank account in no time!

 Now while I'm all about expressing yourself through fashion and I understand that sometimes we wear things for shock value, for some of us that's not always the intention or it's just not in our budget! So for you guys I have complied 3 steps to making sure you're on-trend while not falling into the "Trend Slave" category! Enjoy!

1) Know your style!

You have to know YOUR style first, this is the first and most important step behind being trendy! Once you know your style and have set wardrobe of  your own Staples and Essentials this makes it easier to incorporate trends into the wardrobe you've already created! If you're unsure of your own style I already have a video on my YouTube channel here- where I give you guys some tips on how to figure out your style and also what "Style" means! And no I do not suggest putting yourself into a specific category, but you will have to watch to figure out what I'm talking about!

2) Prep before Shopping!

Here comes another link ha! I did a whole entire video on this last week here- as well as blog post here- In these I explained to you guys the simplest way to know what's currently trending and how to know if those trends are ones you should be buying or not. Firstly its important to know whats trending because, of course, if you don't know what's on trend this year or season then you're style isn't going to be current. Also the prepping is a crucial step to make sure you're not becoming a trend slave! Why? Because like I explain fully in my" How to Be On-Trend" video, this is when you, take notes of what trends you like. Afterwards you then take inventory of what you already have, then makes a list of your Trends Wishlist and Trend Needs. Then you narrow it all down into a shopping list of what you're really committed to buying. This type of prepping prevents you from buying a ton of trends all at once, or ones that don't suit your style and wardrobe. NOW because you prepped you're not going out into the danger zone unarmed!

3) One Trend at a Time

 Instead of going crazy and buying all the trends on your list it's always good to start with 1-3 trends first, especially if your on a budget. That way you can try it out to see if it's really something you love and suits your lifestyle. I personally like to start with an accessory if I'm unsure about a particular trend. (if it's a color or a pattern of course) Just for example, let's say that you wanted to try out the new baby pink trench coat trend that a ton of fashion editors and who's who were rocking at NYFW this fall, however you never ever even touched the color. I would then suggest to start to incorporate the color into your wardrobe by starting with a baby pink scarf, or a clutch, or even a statement necklace. That way your most likely not dropping $200-$500 on that oversize trench coat only to wear it once or twice. If you find you love the color and still want that coat then go for it!

Those are my tips for you lovelies! Are you trying out any new trends or planning to soon? How are you going to incorporate them into your style?!

Stay Chic.

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