Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Fall Fashion 2013 Color Trends

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So I had planned to upload a video on this first but due to some technical issues I have to postpone it until solved! In the meantime I thought I would just go ahead and give you a quick shortened version of the video which is, as titled above, about trending colors for fall!!

This fall is not like your usual fall season closet, filled with the usual gray's, taupe's, army greens, dark vampy reds, brown's, and black (although some of those are still involved!)This particular fall we get to play with bright eye popping colors! The Pantone Color Report calls this fall "The Palette of many moods!"
So after some researching, along with keeping a close eye on what all the whose-who was wearing to this years fashion week, I put together a list the what I believe to be the top 5 fall must have colors! 

So here is your quick shopping guide to being right on-trend with this fall's vivid array of colors!

1) Black is the New Black

Color: Black
Style: Chic & Sleek
How: Anything! Accessories, jackets, pants, dresses, handbags, killer heels!
Outfit Inspiration: Try the "Blacked Out Look" with a black tank paired with a black leather accented blazer, black pants or skirt topped off with a complementing accent such as a striking blue heel or gold accessories. 

2) Think Pink!

Color: Lighter Pinks and Striking Pinks
Style: Soft & Feminine
How: Either as an accent to your look in handbags, shoes, scarves, jewelry, and even nail polish. Or as a subtle yet still eye catching statement piece in exaggerated coats, trousers, blazers, sweaters! 
Outfit Inspiration: Try it as a statement piece with a black skirt paired with open toe black booties, a neutral sweater paired off with a pink coat or blazer. Go even more bold, with black leather leggings, a striking pink sweater, and black and white printed trench coat! 

3) Samba Mamba Red

Color: Scarlet Reds and Reds with violet undertones
Style: Sexy and Mysterious
How: Dresses, blouses, coats, scarves, and skirts.
Outfit Inspiration: Show your inner sexy, feminine, yet powerful side with a form fitting short sleeve dress, with black heels, a scarf if needed for warmth, and a chic pair of cat eye sunglasses. Tres Chic!

4) The "It" Blue

Color: Bright Vivid Blues
Style: Bold & Striking
How: Anything! Shoes, blazers, jackets, pants, skirts, blouses, handbags, belts, and bracelets. 
Outfit Inspiration: Bring a playful vibe to fall with a  paneled flouncy dress paired with black tights, booties, and gold accents. 

5) White Out Elegance

Color: White
Style: Classy and Pristine
How: White leather jacket, pants, skirts, accessories.
Outfit Inspiration: Do the "White Out look" by pairing white pants skinny jeans with a fitted white blazer. For a less structured look pair a white skirt with a white chunky sweater with some knee high taupe boots. 

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Are you guys loving these color trends?! How are you incorporating these colors into your style this fall?! Comment below! And don't forget to check back at my YouTube Fashion Channel for a more in depth video on these trends here: 

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