Sunday, October 13, 2013

Trend Report = 7 Fall Jackets Trends

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So we are all aware that long, exaggerated, menswear inspired coats are trending this season. Unfortunately this is not the perfect trend for us short petite girls. Often times this look can swallow us hole and make us look even shorter, and what petite girl wants that...really. That is unless you want to look like your coat has eaten you for breakfast and has now decided to take a stroll down the street, pumpkin spice latte in hand, with your little head bobbing around on top. If that is the case, than rock it girl!

However for the rest of us this is not the only jacket trend for fall and winter 2013! So read on for a quick shopping guide on 7 more jacket trends for fall and winter that will make you feel just as chic

1) Tweed

Tweed Jackets

Tweed Jackets by thestylesmeow featuring a tweed biker jacket

2) Cropped Trench

Cropped Trench
                                    Cropped Trench by thestylesmeow featuring Witchery coats

3) Moto Inspired 

Moto Inspired
                             Moto Inspired by thestylesmeow featuring a lightweight quilted jacket

4) Faux Fur

Faux Fur
                                       Faux Fur by thestylesmeow featuring a light pink coat

5) Bomber Jacket

Bomber Jacket
                                Bomber Jacket by thestylesmeow featuring a shearling flight jacket

6) Utilitarian Parka 

                                               Parka by thestylesmeow featuring a fur hood coat

7) Statement Jackets

Statement Jacket
Statement Jacket by thestylesmeow featuring a zara cardigan

Which Jacket Trend is your Favorite?! Comment below & make sure to go to my YouTube video below to watch my Trend Report on these beauties too!

Stay Chic!


  1. I love 5th one Bomber Jacket it's love it ever ..
    I tell u guys….this blog deserves to be visited everyday

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