Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer to Fall Clothing

Summer to Fall Clothing

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With summer sales practically screaming at you everywhere you look now, it can easily 

start to feel like buying yet another floral romper is a good idea. However what tends to 

happen is that 5th floral romper ends up in the back of your closet in only a few weeks never 

to been seen in broad daylight again - and you and I both know that goes for summer 2015 

too.... However summer sales can be extremely beneficial to your closet for what's left of 

summer and into fall- that is if done right. The trick is to 1. not look at the marked down 

price, in order to avoid persuasion and 2. whether or not you can wear it now and later. 

If you're buying the item because you know you can get proper use out of it for summer and 

fall then I say it's a good cheap 'investment'! Oh yeah, and making a wish list before hand 

always helps too. 

Did you find any good items from summer sales yet? 
What's on your summer sale wish list?


The Collective Haul: Summer 2014 Edition

I recently uploaded a new Summer Collective Clothing Haul on my YouTube Channel that 

thought some of you here on the blog may enjoy watching with a cup o' joe! I have been 

collecting little summery pieces here and there since late May and finally decided to share 

my purchases with you all. 

From straw fedora hats to overalls - this summer's clothing trends have me wondering if 

my usual love for fall fashion needs to change?

What's been your favorite clothing item this summer?



Saturday, June 28, 2014

An Overall Invasion

As some of you aware, I have a serious love for all things 90's. It's not only the decade of my 

childhood years, but also the time I fell in love with fashion at the ripe old age of 3.

So when I started to notice overall shorts sprouting up on S/S '14 runways and editorials, I 

naturally couldn't help but to jump at the first chance I got to sport the style myself! Here 

are just some styles that caught eye along with links to purchase if you'd like.

 As for those of you who are still a little hesitant to take the overall plunge, I 

first recommend taking a look at my most recent 'FRIDAY FASHION TREND REPORT' for 

a few styling tips.

Do you own this trend yet? Do you love it or hate it? Comment below to give me your 


Hope you're all having an amazing Saturday thus far!



Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Night Cream with Little Pieces Of Heaven + a GIVEAWAY!

WARNING: If you're planning on reading this then, get ready for a heaping amount of girl fanning in the form of a self proclaimed anti aging enthusiast finding love in the form of a a lightweight cream. 

So, I've recently started using a new night cream that has worked little wondrous miracles infused with antioxidants and crazy named ingredients, that I myself didn't even know I needed. Not to sound like a cheesy infomercial but I really was genuinely caught off guard after the first use. The first time I used this product, I woke to find the annoying redness around my nose, mouth, and forehead, I've been battling for the last 6 months was gone, like as in goodbye see you never gone. After a little over 2 weeks of use, I'm still equally as shocked to find this product alone was able to get rid of the redness, clear up the discoloration around my chin and mouth, added moisture back into my dry skin leaving it silky smooth, and gave me glow like no other skincare product ever!  

What is this rave worthy wonder of a night cream?... Well it's only the Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamin C Ester & DMAE Cream by Reviva Labs.... aka 'Kaylee's Heavenly Night Cream'. It's an anti-aging free radical fighting night cream designed to firm, tighten and lift the skin. I'm in love with the feel and textures as it's surprisingly lightweight for a night cream not leaving that heavy greasy feeling on your face as some do. I also have to mention the fact that the are 100% Cruelty and Animal Testing and Ingredient free. And Reviva Labs was kind enough to offer one of you guys the full sized product to try out for yourselves through a GIVEAWAY.  

Here are some other noteworthy Benefits of the Cream:

- improves skin tone and glow
- fights free radicals and future skin aging
- contains Alpha Lipoic Acid, an all-powerful antioxidant that helps prevent future skin aging
- contains Allantoin Aloe Vera which soothes and calms stressed skin, contributing to a healthy, vibrant glow.

Giveaway Rules and Information. 

Winners must 18 or older and U.S. resident only. 

To Enter:

1) Must Follow this Bog
(press the blue 'Follow' button to the right!)
2) Comment below what your favorite skin care product is!
3) Must follow Reviva Labs either on their Facebook Page &/ Twitter and comment, " @TheStylesMeow sent me for a free @RealRevivaLabs product!" 

For an extra entry Follow me on Twitter

Winners will be picked at random on June 18th (Same day that Reviva holds a 'Twitter party' giving away free products!) 

Good luck!


Thursday, May 22, 2014

Summer Hair Routine

Lately I've started getting a lot of questions about my hair. 
I don't know about all of you, but you can easily find me sitting in front of the computer, bag of tortilla chips in hand, watching and reading other bloggers hair routines for an embarrassing amount of time. It's just  that addicting to me... For that same reason I am constantly updating my hair products. However there are a few name-stays that always find their way back into my bathroom drawers. Not only that but I do have a very specific washing & styling routine that rarely changes. 

So per your request I've decided to finally let you in on all my little secrets when it comes to taming my, as I like to call it, Lions Mane

First thing you should all know is that I wash my hair every 3 days. This allows my dry frizzy hair enough time to recuperate from the damage I cause it with my straighter. Secondly I usually wash my hair at night, so I can air dry it and cut down on a lot of blow drying the next morning. 

On my hair washing nights I've been using my Joico Color Endure Sulfate - Free Shampoo followed by either my Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Conditioner or my AG Cosmetics Sterling Silver Conditioner. All products are designed for color treated hair & the two conditioners are also designed to help remove brassy tones in blonde hair. The Paul Mitchell is very moisturizing and amazing for damaged hair, due to it's ingredients of  rich macadamia nut oils & KerActive proteins. The AG Cosmetics is a toning conditioner that I always make sure to apply once a week if not more. I also make sure to keep both conditioners on for at least 3-5 minutes to make sure my thick hair is fully absorbing the product.

Once I'm out of the shower I then spray in my Healthy Sexy hair Soy Tri - Wheat Leave in Conditioner and get to brushing! Then I apply a nickle size amount of my Agave Healing Oil to the ends of the hair and massage what small amount is left on my palm into the roots. Then I allow it to air dry while I drift off into dream land.

The next morning I lightly mist my TRESemme Thermal Creations heat protectant all over and get to styling. Make sure to watch my Hair Care Routine video for a tutorial on how a get my "natural" slight waves for summer. 

For second day hair I usually leave it alone, but sometimes I will opt in for curling a few strands or trying a new braid. 

Third day hair is when it starts getting a bit oily and lacking in volume . To counteract, I apply a small amount of  Baby Powder to the roots. Some use Dry Shampoo, but to me there's no difference between the two - not to mention the baby powder is a whole lot cheaper. 

Then my little trick is to spray in my Herbal Essence Naked Sheer Shine Mist. This stuff smells amazing and gives your hair that "I just hoped out of the shower" smell. Not only that but it adds a nice shine to the hair as well. 

Then the whole process repeats itself again!

What's you favorite hair care product of all time?! Comment below as I am looking for some new ones. 

Don't forget to watch my latest YouTube video showing you this whole process along with a quick tutorial on how I get my 'everyday slightly waved at the ends hairstyle'? There has to be a better name for that haha


Friday, May 9, 2014

Iridescent & Holographic for Summer 2014

iridescent & Holographic

Images from

Iridescent and Holographic accessories seem to be popping up everywhere lately. I for one am all for it! This new light reflecting material not only brings this 90's kid back to my early school days with Lisa Frank notebooks and Limited Too skirts - it gives my summer outfits a fresh new perspective. You guys can bet that I will be owning my iridescent frames on the beach along side my holographic clutch, I've thrown in my beach bag for drinks later that night. 

What do you think? Do you own anything in this new trend? Share your light reflecting favorites in the comments with us all! 


Saturday, May 3, 2014

The New Summer Staple Short

Dressy Shorts

images from

Last summer seamed to be a sea of high wasted destroyed cut-offs in faded blacks and sun-soaked denim. Although it was fun dressing up like modern day hippie meets early 90's grunge girl, this new staple short is more my kind of party. From edgy metallics and satin finishes to frilly laced & printed, this is a short I can have more fun with - not to mention how much they scream Kaylee. 

Which short do you prefer and what would you pair it with?!

Watch my Trend Report on this new Summer Staple in the video below for more about the dressy short!


Friday, May 2, 2014

May Fashion Fest: Day 1

Happy May my little spring cupcakes! 
So this month has always been one of my favorites, from later sunsets to the vividly painted flowers and warm spring air- May is the month I leave all my winter troubles behind and start anticipating long hot summer days! My excitement for May has extended itself to my YouTube channel this year {hopefully not be regretted} As I decided to share my enthusiasm with you all through a new little series I named "MayFashionFest"
Like MissGlamorazzi & AllThatGlitters21's MakeupMAYhem series, I will be uploading a new video to my channel every other day.... I know, what have I done? hehe 
I'm actually really excited as I have a lot of new fun videos planned, some highly requested too. These videos will of course be packed with fashion but most importantly.... I want you guys to get involved. I need YOUR requests as to what other videos I should do all through May in order to get both you & I prepared for Summer!

So... what do you want to see during MayFashionFest?! It can be beauty, fashion, and/or health related! Now is the time to get those requests in! And please watch Day 1 in the video above if you'd like, & let me know your excited by leaving a comment ^_^


Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wish List: Blocked Heel Heaven

Wish List: Blocked Heel Heaven

I've been dreaming of shoes lately, not like that's out of the norm for me. However this time I felt it was vital I share my latest obsession of the coveted, blocked heel for Spring/Summer 2014. The thought of a white block heel, complimented by Sky Blue polished toes, with cookie dough ice cream in hand, has been preoccupying my mind for the past week. There's a dignified yet light sense to the shoe that makes it the perfect topping to a spring &/or summer outfit this year - which is all the more reason I have an excuse to buy a pair, right? 

Which pair should I buy?! Have you spotted any other shoe styles you love? Share them with me in the comments below, if you have a link even better!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mood Board - Blue

So I've been having a bit of blue moment, as of lately. As an attempt to share this cotton candy like color with you, I decided to show what's been  inspiring me through a mood board. 

I hope you find the same amount of delight as I do in this assortment of whimsical tulle &  sugary soft hues. Maybe I even inadvertently persuaded one of you to indulge in blues this spring & summer. 

Do let me know if you if you want to see more Mood Boards from me so I can attempt to arrange something on a weekly basis! 

P.S. I created a Tumblr account in order to invite you all even deeper into my dream like mind filled with little amazement's of inspiration and of course fashion! Follow me there at: TheStylesMeow if you'd like to join me! It can be as if we're just a group of girlfriends drinking coffee & eating pink cupcakes all while browsing through a world filled with beauty. 

What color is having a moment in your life?
Also let me know your Tumblr names & if you're following me! 


Friday, April 18, 2014

White Out Trend

White out

White out by thestylesmeow featuring short skirts

Nothing says spring/summer to me than a clean timeless white. However this year, the white party is no longer reserved for a night of schmoozing and dancing in a sea of creams and ivory's - but instead well suited for any daytime look. Try a taste of what I'm forecasting to become the spring  fashion trend of the year, the White Out Trend. Weather your off to lunch in a sporty midi skirt paired off with a white block heel, or running to a casual meeting in a white jean white blazer combo,  there's a little piece of white candy for everyone. 

Which style will you choose? Comment below.

 For more on this trend and outfit pairings, watch my Fashion Trend Report on my YouTube Channel


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Matching Set

So it seems as though the new must have for spring and summer is undoubtedly the 'Matching Set'. From it's fresh youthful approach in graphic crop and skirt sets to it's more well-groomed partner in a monochromatic jacket and shorts combo - this new trend has earned it's right as the new alternative to a summer dress. I for one am infatuated with this trends versatility. One day I can choose to be a complete free bird rocking the the matching duo in flirty prints and colors at a music festival and the next day try my best at elegantly strolling Newbury Street in the high waisted full skirt and crop tee in an ethereal pastel. Either way this trend has made being 'matchy-matchy' okay again all while giving you a diverse selection of styles and combos to choose from. This is one trend I'm telling you fashion kittens to try - just look at all those options.... 

Matching Sets

See something you like? Buy the outfit right from my Luvocracy collection here:
Get a $10 credit when you sign up for free! 

Which Matching Set combo is your favorite? 
Are you already wearing this trend? 
I would love to see your styles - send pics on Instagram, Twitter, or here @TheStylesMeow and use #TSMOutfit so I can find it!


*This post is not sponsored. Luvocracy is not compensating me for mentioning their site, I made that collection for your guy's convenience :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Nail Lacquer Picks

So some of you may not be aware of this, but I'm quite the nail polish junkie. I will hardly ever get them done at a salon because within the days I'll be craving a new color. Not only that but when around new nail lacquers, I truly turn into the proverbial 'kid in a candy store'. It's as if I had walked into a bakery with a huge sugar craving that can only be tamed with "just a bite" of a new fresh color. 

As for my new spring collection, it's only just started {I have my eyes on the Deborah Lipmann 'Spring Reveries' collection} However I do have some brand new fresh drops of color that are satisfying my sweet tooth quite well. 

Starting Clockwise from 1st Picture

Formula X for Sephora 'A Little Sexy'

Wet Paint Nails 'Shock & Aqua'

Essie 'Style Hunter'

Essie ' Bikini so Teeny'

Formula X for Sephora ' Outrageous'

Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'

Formula X for Sephora 'Uber'

Essie 'Adore-a-Ball' 

Happy ManiMonday! I hope this inspires you to delve into a little spring sweet of your own!
What's your Favorite Spring Nail Color so far?! Comment below and maybe you will inspire me to pick it up!


7 Steps to Spring Clean Your Closet

Hey loves.
Sorry for the absence on here - I've been working hard on my YouTube channel and also putting together a new blog for you all - which I think my avid readers will be very appreciative of. (don't worry it will be the same content but MORE) More on that at a later time though... 

Today's post is just a little dollop of spring cleaning tips for your closet. I'm using the word 'closet' loosely here because even if you don't have a closet of your very own, there are a lot of alternatives. I believe that having a nice, clean, functional closet is the key to maintaining your style with ease. You'll not only save on time and frustration while searching for a pair of shoes, for example - but you'll also (most likely) be able to make more outfits out of what you already have . Why? Because when you consistently clean and organize your closet every season you're able to get a clearer picture of what you have and you may be surprised that it's much easier to put looks together when everything is organized. Just think, wouldn't be nice to got to your closet every morning calmly with a cup of coffee in hand while deciding what to wear that day? Sounds pretty appealing, huh? Well it will take some work and a bit of consistency to get there.

So here are my tips to Spring Cleaning Your Closet. Grab a beverage and take note loves.
{For further explanation & examples, watch my YouTube video linked below}

Step 1. 
This is the most crucial part of the entire process in my opinion. You must have this mind set before starting a clean out. All to often I see people hanging on to clothes that they haven't worn for years. Those are the ones that need to go, they're just taking up unnecessary space in both your house and life.

Step 2. 
I like to have a pile for 'Throw Away', 'Keep', 'Giveaway/Charity', 'Sell' and 'Store Away'

Step 3. 
I store away my all my heavy knits, jackets, hats, gloves, ect. If you live in an area that can be a bit cooler in in the spring, you'll want to keep a couple light weight versatile sweaters out along with a jacket - you'll store those away during your Summer Clean Out... if your behaving that is ;)

Step 4.
It's just as it sounds loves. Remember to keep that mindset of step 1 and use step 2 if necessary.

STEP 5. 
This is optional really. But I will say it does make a difference in your closet when your hangers are nicer and all matching. It's just better Zen we'll say...

Some like to organize their closet by color coordinating however I don't prefer that way. I like to organize in more of a 'waterfall' way. Starting form the back of my closet I go from pants, to capris, to dresses, to jacket/blazers, to button downs, to long sleeve, to short sleeve/crop tops, to tanks. For me this is more functional because I know exactly where to look when I want something particular. Then I hang my newer/most worn/staple items in the very front, almost sectioned off into their own little space. This is what works for me, try out a few ways until you find what works best for you!

I like to have a little style board that I update seasonally to keep me inspired, and that's just one way I make it my own. I believe it's important to make your closet another extension of who you are. While I encourage looking to others for inspiration - don't make a carbon copy of it. Make your closet YOUR closet.

If you don't have a closet here's a list of alternatives I found for you!

What I Use:

Garment Racks:

Closet Organizers/Build Your Own:

Wardrobe Armoire:

Are you / have you cleaned your closet out for spring?! 
What steps do you take?! Comment below! 


Friday, March 14, 2014

Le Tote Boutique Box Review Part Two

Some of you may remember back in January I raved about a new clothing and accessory subscription box called 'Le Tote'. Well, I received another box from them this month that I LOVED to death. So naturally I couldn't just contain my fashion induced binge to myself, and had to share these beautiful pieces with you all. 

For those who don't know about Le Tote - It's a monthly subscription site where you can pay either $49 per month for 3 garments and 2 accessories, or $19 per month for 3 accessories. What separates them from your typical subscription box is that you can get unlimited boxes each month and/or you can keep the box for however long you want. You keep what you love at a discounted members only price and send back what you don't to get your next box. Translation: For $49/month you can get an unlimited amount of clothing and accessories! To me that's honestly genius because I tend to get sick of my clothes fast. That and what girl doesn't want to constantly have new outfit options?
If you're like me and love to buy new trends, (and I'm just talking about trends here not staples) just think of it like this - A quality blazer costs anywhere between $100-$300. I never advise anyone too drop that kind of money on trendy item. An H&M trendy blazer cost $40 or more. I got a blazer, a silk top, a dress, and two boutique styled statement accessories all for $49. So there you have it. 

{Lidia Zig Blazer}                                        {Serena Striped Dress} 

                                                               Can you find the Kitty? ^_^

      {Matilda V-Neck Blouse}                          {Olive & Oak Nautical Blouse}

{Buckle Blue Bracelet & Jade Dynasty Ring}

I'm honestly addicted to this site and find myself checking it once a week now. Check them out here you'd like, and tell them TheStyleMeow sent you too :)

What piece is your favorite?! 
Are you going to try out LeTote? Let me know in the comments!


Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Fashion Week Street Style Trends

Hi loves, 

I've been keeping a close fashion obsessed eye on all the best street style shots from fashion week. So of course - naturally I have made a mental list of my top picks. Rather than keeping this mental soiree of colors, prints, and 3 dimensional shapes all to myself, I'm of course going to share it with you all. For those of you wondering why this may be of relevance to yourself - Fashion week is the perfect time to take a look at what all the editors, designers, and bloggers are wearing in order to get yourself ready for the upcoming seasons trends and must haves. In this case of course I'm talking about trends for Spring 2014!

So here is a roundup of my top street style picks for all the fashion weeks around the world this season. 

1) The Coat
You can easily transform your look with a classic trench or a statement print. Coats have become a must have for all fashion goers. Plus being on the east coast myself - girls gotta stay warm!

The Coat - Fall 2014 Street Style

The Coat - Fall 2014 Street Style by thestylesmeow on Polyvore

2) The Prints
Florals, gingham, hand paint, pop art, and other playfull prints - This spring will be fun. 

3) 3 Dimensional 
3D florals and embellishments as well as fluffy coats and accessories are THE trends to try. My inner 5 year old is obsessing over this whimsical cool girl approach to spring. 

3D & Fluffy Fall 2014 Street Style Trends

4) Colorful
If you've been afraid to play with color all these years - it's time to stop. Eye popping vivid brights that border on the side of neon are the way to go. 

Colorful Street Style - Fall 2014

*I do not own these photos. All photo credits to Diego Zuko and Tommy Ton via

Which street style trend is YOUR favorite? 
Will you/are you wearing any of these? If so how?!
Let me know below in the comment section!


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