Sunday, January 26, 2014

3 Ways to Get Out of a Wardrobe Rut

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So, when a new year starts and the feeling of change is in the air, it's easy to look at your closet and get the urge to overhaul it completely. Trust me I know this feeling.

Now while revamping your entire wardrobe can be liberating, it's often not in the best interest of your bank account, especially being that it's still recovering from the holidays. So, whenever I get the itch to to turn my closet upside down, I instead add a few new refreshing touches to amp up the style factor. This method not only helps to give my style a chic update, but also helps to get more use out of the pieces I already have. Read on to find out how...

1. Buy What You Wear

Rather than venturing out to buy say, that $75 new embellished tunic at Norsdtroms, instead buy what you wear on a weekly basis. This means taking a look at your most worn items that are interchangeable, meaning you can mix and match easily with the rest of your wardrobe. An example of that for myself would be blouses. With blouses I'm able to style them many different ways with what I already have. So what I will do when I need an updated look is buy a blouse in a new print, texture, or style. Moral of this step, look for what you wear in new modern styles.

2. Buy a New Statement Accessory... or Two

Another easy way to modernize an old outfit is to simply add new accessories. Accessorizing can often be over looked by many when it comes to styling, however it's what can make or break an outfit. I like to browse magazines, Instagram, and OOTD's on other blogs, to find some new trends and inspirations for accessorizing. You can easily update your closet buy adding a new statement necklace or a pop of color handbag.

3. Buy New Modern Staples 

I myself get especially tired of my style right around now. When I've been wearing that same sequined grey sweater since fall and my email starts to overflow with new spring collections, I get antsy in anticipation for something new! So, a go to for me when I start to get that, "I have nothing to wear" feeling, is to buy some new staple pieces with a modern twist. For example my dresser has become cluttered with sweaters and typography tee's this season. So to make my over-worn items feel fresh and new I'll buy a new layering piece, such as a boyfriend blazer in the upcoming seasons trend color, pink. This way I can layer it over my sweater's and tee's now and then transition it into spring. This can also apply to skirt, shoes, bags, and even jeans. So, look for staple pieces that have been updated for the following seasons trends, that way you can wear them now and later.

Modern Staples

What are some ways you like to get your wardrobe out of a rut? Did you find any of these tips helpful? Let me know in the comment section, loves and make sure to check back on my YouTube Channel this coming week for more ways to get out of a style rut.

Also feel free to check out my last shopping haul video wear I bought a few new winter pieces to spice up my closet a bit. 

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  1. Hi Kaylee! I love seeing your videos! I'm actually in a wardrobe rut. I just don't know what 2 wear. I'll follow your advice, and I will buy some new things. Waiting for your next video sweetie!


    1. Thank you love! I'm so glad to hear that you enjoy my videos! And thank you for stopping by my blog too :) I will be consistently posting tips and trend reports on here, that you should find a bit helpful if you're feeling like your style needs a little extra oomph. Also feel free to check out some of my past videos like 'How to Shop', 'How to Find Your Style', and 'How to Build Your Closet' - Those are all designed to help you out of a rut.


  2. Actually I noticed that sinse I"ve started watching Your videos Kaylee I have more basic items, I've got more things to mix and match and I'm overall happier with my closet :)