Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Loves & A Little Note

A roundup up some little moments and items that made my week a little more special. 

{Finding fresh flowers to breath a little more life and color into my bedroom}

{Sticking to my new years resolution of working on my blog}

{New pre-spring purchases from Express}

{Realizing all the pretty pinks and rose golds I have to play with this spring}

{Jezzy getting awfully comfy on my dress and looking to cute to move} 

My last favorite doesn't have a picture and that's because it happened when we lost power for 3 hours. It's simply just a memory in only myself and close family's mind. As my mother, grandparents, brother, and I sat to eat a special prepared dinner, the power suddenly went out. It's easy to resort to complaining during these moments, however it was a moment that forced us all to actually enjoy each others company. Without the power I was unable to go right back to editing a new video, therefore I instead spent those three hours being silly and laughing until my stomach hurt with the ones I love most (besides Justin). It's hard not to think that this completely random power outage wasn't meant to be, when it resorted in having another happy loving memory to store away in my mind.

Now that I know I'll be doing a 'Friday Loves' post every week, I'll make sure to capture more moments like this.

What unexpected special moment did you have this week?

Happy Friday!

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  1. Love Your kitty girl!! She's adorable. But tell me, how do You manage removing fur from Your clothes? I've got 4 cats and sometimes it gets difficult to make my clothes, especially the black ones, to look decently ;) As for laughter- for me it's the best cure for stress :)