Friday, January 31, 2014

Le Tote Boutique Box Review


I love how Jezzy just can't pass up a good photo op in this post. Can you find the kitty? 

I was contacted by Le Tote for consideration in reviewing their brand back in December. I was intrigued right away when they mentioned that I would be receiving 3 garments and 2 accessories valued at $200 for a monthly subscription fee of $49.00. When hoping over to their site I was pleasantly surprised to see they had a nice clean easy navigation set up - I'm always relieved when brands are up to par with their websites. So I went ahead and set up an account with Le Tote, which I have to say was a very easy quick process - A+ there - then it was onto the fun part. I browsed through their clothing and accessories shop while "Hearting" the pieces that stuck out most to me - this is how you build your closet - however I did notice that they had a mix of both updated trends and outdated ones. I'm going to be 100% honest with you guys and say that my closet on the site was on the small side since a lot of the items seemed a bit old. However I will say that the items I did find to be current, I loved. 
When receiving the box in the mail it was warped nicely in red tissue paper sealed with a 'Le Tote' sticker, and also had the Le Tote  burlap tote bag along side. I was very excited to see that I received my top two favorites, the "Evi Little Black Dress" and "Antoinette Lace Blouse". Along with those items I received the 'Eve Snake Blouse', 'Boho Printed Scarf', and the stunning 'Barcelona Statement Necklace'. All items were in pretty good shape and the fit was almost spot on - which is saying a lot coming from a 5'3 petite girl. The best part about this particular subscription box is that you can exchange any items that don't fit or you simply don't like free of charge. 
Over all I give this brand an A- for their clean updated website, easy navigation, innovative new spin on a monthly subscription box, and ease of returns. I understand that I was picking my items during the holidays, so the few items that were outdated don't bother me much at all - coming from someone who has worked in merchandising and retail for 7 years - I get it. 
I'm excited to see what I get this month and share to share it with you all. 

Check out Le Tote's site here: and let me know what you think in the comments.


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