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My New Year 2014 - Chasing Dreams | LifeStylesMeow

Happy New Year!!!

So, I just now decided to do something a little out of the ordinary and a tad more personal on here, which is write a post about my thoughts on the new year that awaits us all! Think of it as me inviting you into my own little diary. I hope that my story inspires you a bit as well as gives you an extra push of motivation to tackle 2014! So, grab a hot beverage to sip on, as I welcome you into a piece of my heart and personal journey throughout 2013...

This time last year I felt a lot of things to say the least. I felt guilty, disappointed, and mostly just defeated that another year had passed by and I had accomplished nothing on my list of goals. Kinda sad right? Now don't get me wrong I am not one to feel sorry for myself, give up, or sit here and tell you all how life had worked against me, That's not who I am. However on December 31, 2012 I felt really let down by none other than myself! Not a great feeling. I felt this way because I had let my dreams slip right out of my hands. But that following day of January 1st was different.

Before I get into that next day, here's a quick back story of why I felt so guilty and sad about 2012 coming to an end: I had been working at a job I dreaded for over a year , left that job to go after my dreams, panicked 2 months later because of bills, and took the first job that fell into my lap, only to find that this new job was making it next to impossible to chase my dreams more so than the last. Yeah...

Now I could have thrown in the towel and just accept that this is my life now as well as listen to everyone telling me that my head was in the clouds, but that wouldn't be very 'Kaylee' of me! After all I love to root for the underdogs, even if that underdog is me ;) So, on that very first day of a fresh new year in 2013 I decided that I would do whatever it took to complete my goals! I had never been more determined, excited, and scared in my life. I remember being on the phone with Justin (my boyfriend) that same night, telling him how overwhelmed I felt. He then told me something that I tell myself practically everyday now, "Treat your dreams like their your baby". That's it, just treat your dreams, goals, passions,and business ventures like their your baby. If you have a child you don't want it die right? Excuse my being so blunt but it's true ha ha. You have to care for it everyday, nurture it, spend time with it, learn about it, sometimes put it before your own fun, ect. So from that day forward I did WHATEVER IT TOOK and Treated my Dreams like they're my baby! Thanks hun! ;)

The two most important steps I could have ever taken in my life were: 1) Write down my goals somewhere I would see them every single day and 2) Surround myself with positivity and motivation, through quotes, books, documentaries, church, and influential people. I will however tell you first hand it's not always easy to stay positive and motivated, sometime you have to really fight for it!

All throughout 2013 I had some very very big bumps in the road, some resolved themselves, some left me devastated, some are still happening as I type this, but no matter what happened this past year, I was still able to come through for my dreams, or 'my baby'. All in all 2013 has kicked my but! I have pulled all nighters countless times, I've stood in the freezing cold and rain to get a video shot (I would do that anytime though), I've spent hours and sometimes days researching boring things, I've been ridiculed by not so nice people, I've passed up countless nights out and trips in order to work on my dream, I've lost my precious 9 year old kitty Landon suddenly R.I.P. <3, I've seen the ones I love and depend on the most get sick and it's ripped my heart into two, and I've cried, a lot. It would be easy to say that 2013 was a bad year, however there was good that came out of it. Because this year was so rough I have learned so many valuable things about myself and about chasing dreams. I've learned how resilient and independent I am. I learned that if you want something done you have to start it yourself and you have to plan to finish it yourself. I've learned that if you have a dream, YOU have to fight for it and YOU have to believe in yourself before anyone else will. I've learned to apreciate the little moments in life with your loved ones. I've learned valuable lessons through the most amazing influential books ever. I've had to learn to depend on myself. Last but certainly not the least I've learned that I can do anything I want if I work for it.

And now for the first year ever in all my life I am proud to say that was able to check off every single goal on my list! It feels truly amazing to know that I didn't let 2013 defeat me, I let it teach me. <3

So now for the first New Years Day ever, I can invite 2014 in with open arms and an open heart! I have become more independent (which feels amazing btw), more clever, more inspired, and a lot more motivated! I am more determined than ever to go out there and not just chase my dreams but to catch some of them too!!!

I truly hope my story has helped to inspire at least one of you. What I really want this to show you is that no matter what crazy destructible things are thrown your way in life. if you keep your eyes looking forward and towards your dreams you will be both surprised and proud of what you can accomplish!

If you would like to know in detail what steps I took to accomplish my goals leave me a comment! And check back on my YouTube channel if you would like to know what my 2014 Resolutions are :)

Do you guys have any dreams you're planning to chase this year?! Comment below :) If you're still in need of continuous motivation you can also follow me on twitter and instagram @TheStylesMeow, where I've made it my mission to constantly remind you guys to dream big through quotes and pictures ;)

I hope the rest of your day is filled with love and amazingness!


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