Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Key Spring Wardrobe Pieces & Intro to 'Spring 2014 Wardrobe Prep'

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I hope you are all doing well this beautiful Tuesday morning. Or at least it's beautiful here on the east coast; and I have to say after our weekend storm and having spent 20 minutes of scraping frozen snow of my car, thank goodness!

I've decided to start prepping my wardrobe for spring, so with that will come cleaning out my closet, researching trends, browsing through stores, and going through last years purchases. I also decided that I will document my spring wardrobe prepping in a whole new series for my blog as well as my YouTube channel! {}I'm calling this my 'Spring Wardrobe Prep' Series! I will be giving tips on closet clean outs, updating you on spotted spring trends, pinning away spring inspirations on my Pinterest account, showing you how to wear your spring pieces in the winter, and more. I might even incorporate some home decor in their too. Anyone excited??

So, for those wondering, this is a preparation series. Why am I getting ready for spring in the middle of January? Because, very soon retailers will start getting their spring clothes in and you want to make sure you get your cute refreshing items before it's too late. So with that I have come up with a system of preparation that's tried and true, which has helped me in the past to 1. save money, 2. get items I love, and 3. build my wardrobe on a budget. Yeah I said budget! So make sure to follow me on Twitter @TheStylesMeow (+TheStylesMeow)  or sign up for emails over to the right of this blog, so you can follow me along this series and receive constant updates on blog posts and videos!

5  S P R I NG  E S S E N T I A L S

So, onto today's post! To kick off this series I will be prepping you {and myself} on what key pieces to keep an eye out for! These are 5 spotted street style trends for spring, that could very easily become your spring wardrobe staples. So grab a cup of coffee along with pen and paper, and take note my little Styles Meow Army!
Pinterest Version here:

1. The New and Improved Crop
These crops have had a makeover in new textures, colors, materials, and shapes, making them more versatile than last years teeny tiny's. Still not comfortable with the midriff baring trend, counterpart it with a high wasted pant.

Spring 14' inspired Crop Tops
                       Spring 14' inspired Crop Tops by thestylesmeow featuring long sleeve shirts

2. Cute Culottes
These are as if wide leg pants and the Bermuda short had a baby, and it's a girl! This one is for my daring trend setter girly's. However for a more demure version of this trend, try it in a shorter version like Asos's.

3. Full Midi Skirt
Pair this with your blouses in colder months and your crops and tee's come spring.

Midi Skirt for Spring 14'

4. Pinks and Rose Notes
Pink was the 'it' color for street style at last Septembers NYFW. This color is at it's chicest in light pinks and rosy hues.

Light Pinks and Rosy Hues in Spring

5. Blouses Revamped
The classic blouse is given quite the couture touch it needed in dresses, new cuts and angles, as well as in dress form! Yes please.

Blouse with a Makeover

From season to season it's always a good idea to do a little research on what trends to expect for the season ahead. This could save you both money and time, from buying the wrong pieces and scrambling to find that new crop top in your size come March. Along with that this also gives you enough time to go through what you already have and see what you can recycle, but more of that to come in the near future!

What new key pieces are you excited about? Do you have any of these already? Also, tell me about the ways you like to prepare for your spring wardrobe!

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