Friday, February 7, 2014

Friday Loves & Dreams

A weekly roundup up some little moments and items that made my week a little more special. 


{Agave Smoothing Trio has saved my damaged hair this week! Not sure how I lived without out.}
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{I can't get enough of my blue bag - it's wide enough to carry essentials & chic enough for most looks}

{My homemade vegan pumpkin cupcakes went pretty well with my late accompanied by this weeks snow blizzard!}

{After a long term relationship to Sephora's 'Sangria' liner I've made a complete 180 and tossed it aside for my new love - a nude Milani Liner in non other than...'Nude'}

{I'm usually not one for floral scented candles but this one is amazing}

Not to sound cliche but I really don't know where this week went. My week was filled mostly with YouTube videos baking a ginormous batter of muffins, and I'm not sure what else? Do you ever have weeks where you literally don't know where all your time went too? I think when this happens, it's a sign that we need to slow down a bit and take an hour or so to ourselves. I think tonight I'll make an effort to reflect on my dreams and goals a bit, maybe even make a run to staples to get some new planners and calenders... Organizing freak alert right here! Sounds like a perfect ending to my work week.

Will you take some YOU time tonight? What do you like to do to clear your mind and reflect on your dreams? I would love to know!


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