Saturday, February 15, 2014

Friday Loves

... Turned into Saturday loves? 

Sorry this a bit delayed loves. I had an extremely busy hectic Friday but it was an essential part of my week that I wanted to share for my "Friday" loves!

A weekly roundup up some little moments and items that made my week a little more special. 

{My mom has been my Valentine my whole life}

{Birthday balloons for my Grandmothers Party with her two "happy"colors - Baby Blue & Yellow}

{Valentines Day breakfast with love notes

{And the nightstand changes again - I love constantly making little changes here & there to freshen things up}

{My snow angels - They love it when we have a blizzard and rarely want to come back inside}

Not to sound completely cheesy but my week was filled with lots of family time, laughter, and love - It's true. From a spontaneous Wednesday night dinner outing with my loud quirky family, a crazy blizzard bringing so much joy to my dogs, and to a huge family party for my beloved 'fancy' grandmother (inside joke) - this week had a whole lot of family in it. The best part for me was getting my Valentine's day card from my mom and last night when Justin lit the whole downstairs with candles and excitedly handed me my red roses with a love note! We usually do big fancy things - but this was the most simply sweetest thing by far. I love him :)

What was the best part of your week?! 
Share your end of the week loves in the comments - I would love to hear what memory or thing helped make your week that much more special!

Happy Day-after Valentines Day!


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  1. I just entered a comment and it vanished. Briefly: it's the best day of my life, caue I got married. Loads of love today <3