Tuesday, February 4, 2014

January Favorites 2014

Unlike a lot of monthly favorites you see on blogs and YouTube, mine are typically full of embellished fabrics, lace appliques, hints of leather, and lustrous accessories. As some of you are fully aware I center both my channel and blog around anything and everything fashion, therefore my monthly favorites involve a lot of new trends and clothing favorites. Don't get me wrong I still do love a new eye liner or skin care mask, so you will still see bits and pieces of  little beauty goodies in each months collection too. As for this past month I have been slowly starting to build up my spring wardrobe therefore you will find hints of pastels complemented by lace florals and a new cross-body bag that I've fell in love with. As for beauty I've felt my hair could use a little help lately with a couple new items that are sure to be favs for months ahead. 

In order
{Express Pink Top, Express White Tank, Express Peter Pan Collar, Target Embellished Sweatshirt}

{Crossbody Bag: Target Limited Edition Collection, Ring: WhiteHouseBlackMarket}

{Essie in 'adore-a-ball': Target & X Formula by Sephora in 'Outrageous': Sephora}

{Herbal Essences Naked Sheer Shine Mist: Target  & AG Hair Cosmetics Colour Care Sterling Silver: Ulta}


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