Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Chic & Classic Handbags in 2014 | The Essentials

It's essential for every fashion conscious girl to have that one dependable classic bag you invest a bit more in - or in some cases your boyfriend invests a bit more in *wink* It's durable, versatile, and can usually fit a small child in it - not that I would recommend it. However even the classics need a little updating from time to time. Here are some new classic handbags that caught my expensive little eye!

{Top Row is High End Bottom Row is More Affordable}

The Practical Structured Tote

2014 Toes

2014 Toes by thestylesmeow featuring a black leather purse

The Effortless Cross-Body Bag

CrossBody Bags

CrossBody Bags by thestylesmeow showing what to wear with a zip top

The Shopping Approved Luggage Tote

Shopper Tote

Shopper Tote by thestylesmeow showing what to wear with a faux leather tote

Which upgraded classic bag would you buy?


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