Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Top Fashion Week Street Style Trends

Hi loves, 

I've been keeping a close fashion obsessed eye on all the best street style shots from fashion week. So of course - naturally I have made a mental list of my top picks. Rather than keeping this mental soiree of colors, prints, and 3 dimensional shapes all to myself, I'm of course going to share it with you all. For those of you wondering why this may be of relevance to yourself - Fashion week is the perfect time to take a look at what all the editors, designers, and bloggers are wearing in order to get yourself ready for the upcoming seasons trends and must haves. In this case of course I'm talking about trends for Spring 2014!

So here is a roundup of my top street style picks for all the fashion weeks around the world this season. 

1) The Coat
You can easily transform your look with a classic trench or a statement print. Coats have become a must have for all fashion goers. Plus being on the east coast myself - girls gotta stay warm!

The Coat - Fall 2014 Street Style

The Coat - Fall 2014 Street Style by thestylesmeow on Polyvore

2) The Prints
Florals, gingham, hand paint, pop art, and other playfull prints - This spring will be fun. 

3) 3 Dimensional 
3D florals and embellishments as well as fluffy coats and accessories are THE trends to try. My inner 5 year old is obsessing over this whimsical cool girl approach to spring. 

3D & Fluffy Fall 2014 Street Style Trends

4) Colorful
If you've been afraid to play with color all these years - it's time to stop. Eye popping vivid brights that border on the side of neon are the way to go. 

Colorful Street Style - Fall 2014

*I do not own these photos. All photo credits to Diego Zuko and Tommy Ton via

Which street style trend is YOUR favorite? 
Will you/are you wearing any of these? If so how?!
Let me know below in the comment section!


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  1. I especially love this years SS trends, but I have to say that I'm most excited for the bright colours - knowing it's a trend makes it a lot less frightening to wear them.

    1. Agreed! I believe that because the colors are made to be so bright and eye catching, this makes it much easier to approach and play around with :)

      Thank you for reading, love!