Saturday, February 8, 2014

What I Would Bring to NYC Fashion Week Fall 2014

Happy Saturday Loves!

I've been obsessively reading about New York  fashion week since I was fifteen. Along with fishing through street style reports and Instagram posts by the fashion week goers themselves, I believe if my biggest dream were to ever come true - being invited to fashion week - I would know exactly what to bring. Why should you care about what to bring to fashion week? Because, it's a great way to get new ideas and tricks from  hand bag essentials to traveling in style. Read on to see what this dreamer girl would bring to Fall 2014's NYC Fashion Week.  

For the Suitcase

1. A Versatile Staple Coat
NYC in February translates to - brrrr!  I imagine I would splurge on a timeless coat in spring color in order to stay both warm and current. 

Untitled #56

2. An Eye-Catching Clutch or Handbag
Either something printed or bright. I would depend on this to liven  up an outfit and to maybe get the attention of a photog? 

Untitled #58

3. A Classic Pump & A Snow Boot
Let's not forget that chances of snow is high this time of year. So although you can never go wrong with a good go to pump - you can go wrong when that pump slides across a sheet of ice. There a plenty of options for a chic winter boot to pair with your favorite skinnies. 

Untitled #59

4. Statement Jewelry
If I'm being completely honest - you better believe my fashion week outfits would be all planned out from head to toe with several plan B's. However still if your trip is pro-longed or you need to recycle that sweater you wore on Friday, statement jewelry changes it all. This is a good tip for traveling anywhere!

Untitled #60

For the Purse 

1. A Red & Nude Lipstick
Running around from show to show along with mingling among other goers, my lipstick is bound to go south. I would make sure to give myself options in case say my day look needed to turn into a night look due to a last minuet after party invite? 

                          Untitled #61

2. Compact Mirror
I don't really need to explain why for this one. 

Untitled #57

3. Gloves
I would travel with both a colorful fun glove and a basic black maybe in Faux leather.

Untitled #62

4. Umbrella
If i could get my hands on an umbrella that stood up to my definition of chic I would, but a black would never look tacky.

Untitled #63

5. Water & Almonds
Because I'm always thirsty and I can only imagine how dry it probably is in some of the venues. As for almonds it's a great pick me up when you start to feel hungry and is great for people like me with low blood sugar. Also I'm always hungry. 

                        Untitled #64

6. Hand Lotion
I would pick something with light yet refreshing scent that of course hydrates well. 

                         Untitled #65

What would you bring to Fashion Week in the Winter or for any of your travels?
Have you ever been to any fashion weeks?!

Let me know if this would be a fun video to do on my YouTube Channel TheStylesMeow

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  1. It's great You have Your hopes and aspirations. I truely believe when You set Your heart on a goal, You make it happen. I myself am a very quiet person. Don't like the crowds and too much excitement. My dream is to be happy with my fiance, to be healthy and always grow as a person <3

    1. That's a great dream to have and I know you will have it!!! :)