Friday, March 14, 2014

Le Tote Boutique Box Review Part Two

Some of you may remember back in January I raved about a new clothing and accessory subscription box called 'Le Tote'. Well, I received another box from them this month that I LOVED to death. So naturally I couldn't just contain my fashion induced binge to myself, and had to share these beautiful pieces with you all. 

For those who don't know about Le Tote - It's a monthly subscription site where you can pay either $49 per month for 3 garments and 2 accessories, or $19 per month for 3 accessories. What separates them from your typical subscription box is that you can get unlimited boxes each month and/or you can keep the box for however long you want. You keep what you love at a discounted members only price and send back what you don't to get your next box. Translation: For $49/month you can get an unlimited amount of clothing and accessories! To me that's honestly genius because I tend to get sick of my clothes fast. That and what girl doesn't want to constantly have new outfit options?
If you're like me and love to buy new trends, (and I'm just talking about trends here not staples) just think of it like this - A quality blazer costs anywhere between $100-$300. I never advise anyone too drop that kind of money on trendy item. An H&M trendy blazer cost $40 or more. I got a blazer, a silk top, a dress, and two boutique styled statement accessories all for $49. So there you have it. 

{Lidia Zig Blazer}                                        {Serena Striped Dress} 

                                                               Can you find the Kitty? ^_^

      {Matilda V-Neck Blouse}                          {Olive & Oak Nautical Blouse}

{Buckle Blue Bracelet & Jade Dynasty Ring}

I'm honestly addicted to this site and find myself checking it once a week now. Check them out here you'd like, and tell them TheStyleMeow sent you too :)

What piece is your favorite?! 
Are you going to try out LeTote? Let me know in the comments!