Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wish List: Blocked Heel Heaven

Wish List: Blocked Heel Heaven

I've been dreaming of shoes lately, not like that's out of the norm for me. However this time I felt it was vital I share my latest obsession of the coveted, blocked heel for Spring/Summer 2014. The thought of a white block heel, complimented by Sky Blue polished toes, with cookie dough ice cream in hand, has been preoccupying my mind for the past week. There's a dignified yet light sense to the shoe that makes it the perfect topping to a spring &/or summer outfit this year - which is all the more reason I have an excuse to buy a pair, right? 

Which pair should I buy?! Have you spotted any other shoe styles you love? Share them with me in the comments below, if you have a link even better!


Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Mood Board - Blue

So I've been having a bit of blue moment, as of lately. As an attempt to share this cotton candy like color with you, I decided to show what's been  inspiring me through a mood board. 

I hope you find the same amount of delight as I do in this assortment of whimsical tulle &  sugary soft hues. Maybe I even inadvertently persuaded one of you to indulge in blues this spring & summer. 

Do let me know if you if you want to see more Mood Boards from me so I can attempt to arrange something on a weekly basis! 

P.S. I created a Tumblr account in order to invite you all even deeper into my dream like mind filled with little amazement's of inspiration and of course fashion! Follow me there at: TheStylesMeow if you'd like to join me! It can be as if we're just a group of girlfriends drinking coffee & eating pink cupcakes all while browsing through a world filled with beauty. 

What color is having a moment in your life?
Also let me know your Tumblr names & if you're following me! 


Friday, April 18, 2014

White Out Trend

White out

White out by thestylesmeow featuring short skirts

Nothing says spring/summer to me than a clean timeless white. However this year, the white party is no longer reserved for a night of schmoozing and dancing in a sea of creams and ivory's - but instead well suited for any daytime look. Try a taste of what I'm forecasting to become the spring  fashion trend of the year, the White Out Trend. Weather your off to lunch in a sporty midi skirt paired off with a white block heel, or running to a casual meeting in a white jean white blazer combo,  there's a little piece of white candy for everyone. 

Which style will you choose? Comment below.

 For more on this trend and outfit pairings, watch my Fashion Trend Report on my YouTube Channel


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Matching Set

So it seems as though the new must have for spring and summer is undoubtedly the 'Matching Set'. From it's fresh youthful approach in graphic crop and skirt sets to it's more well-groomed partner in a monochromatic jacket and shorts combo - this new trend has earned it's right as the new alternative to a summer dress. I for one am infatuated with this trends versatility. One day I can choose to be a complete free bird rocking the the matching duo in flirty prints and colors at a music festival and the next day try my best at elegantly strolling Newbury Street in the high waisted full skirt and crop tee in an ethereal pastel. Either way this trend has made being 'matchy-matchy' okay again all while giving you a diverse selection of styles and combos to choose from. This is one trend I'm telling you fashion kittens to try - just look at all those options.... 

Matching Sets

See something you like? Buy the outfit right from my Luvocracy collection here:
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Which Matching Set combo is your favorite? 
Are you already wearing this trend? 
I would love to see your styles - send pics on Instagram, Twitter, or here @TheStylesMeow and use #TSMOutfit so I can find it!


*This post is not sponsored. Luvocracy is not compensating me for mentioning their site, I made that collection for your guy's convenience :)

Monday, April 7, 2014

Spring Nail Lacquer Picks

So some of you may not be aware of this, but I'm quite the nail polish junkie. I will hardly ever get them done at a salon because within the days I'll be craving a new color. Not only that but when around new nail lacquers, I truly turn into the proverbial 'kid in a candy store'. It's as if I had walked into a bakery with a huge sugar craving that can only be tamed with "just a bite" of a new fresh color. 

As for my new spring collection, it's only just started {I have my eyes on the Deborah Lipmann 'Spring Reveries' collection} However I do have some brand new fresh drops of color that are satisfying my sweet tooth quite well. 

Starting Clockwise from 1st Picture

Formula X for Sephora 'A Little Sexy'

Wet Paint Nails 'Shock & Aqua'

Essie 'Style Hunter'

Essie ' Bikini so Teeny'

Formula X for Sephora ' Outrageous'

Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'

Formula X for Sephora 'Uber'

Essie 'Adore-a-Ball' 

Happy ManiMonday! I hope this inspires you to delve into a little spring sweet of your own!
What's your Favorite Spring Nail Color so far?! Comment below and maybe you will inspire me to pick it up!


7 Steps to Spring Clean Your Closet

Hey loves.
Sorry for the absence on here - I've been working hard on my YouTube channel and also putting together a new blog for you all - which I think my avid readers will be very appreciative of. (don't worry it will be the same content but MORE) More on that at a later time though... 

Today's post is just a little dollop of spring cleaning tips for your closet. I'm using the word 'closet' loosely here because even if you don't have a closet of your very own, there are a lot of alternatives. I believe that having a nice, clean, functional closet is the key to maintaining your style with ease. You'll not only save on time and frustration while searching for a pair of shoes, for example - but you'll also (most likely) be able to make more outfits out of what you already have . Why? Because when you consistently clean and organize your closet every season you're able to get a clearer picture of what you have and you may be surprised that it's much easier to put looks together when everything is organized. Just think, wouldn't be nice to got to your closet every morning calmly with a cup of coffee in hand while deciding what to wear that day? Sounds pretty appealing, huh? Well it will take some work and a bit of consistency to get there.

So here are my tips to Spring Cleaning Your Closet. Grab a beverage and take note loves.
{For further explanation & examples, watch my YouTube video linked below}

Step 1. 
This is the most crucial part of the entire process in my opinion. You must have this mind set before starting a clean out. All to often I see people hanging on to clothes that they haven't worn for years. Those are the ones that need to go, they're just taking up unnecessary space in both your house and life.

Step 2. 
I like to have a pile for 'Throw Away', 'Keep', 'Giveaway/Charity', 'Sell' and 'Store Away'

Step 3. 
I store away my all my heavy knits, jackets, hats, gloves, ect. If you live in an area that can be a bit cooler in in the spring, you'll want to keep a couple light weight versatile sweaters out along with a jacket - you'll store those away during your Summer Clean Out... if your behaving that is ;)

Step 4.
It's just as it sounds loves. Remember to keep that mindset of step 1 and use step 2 if necessary.

STEP 5. 
This is optional really. But I will say it does make a difference in your closet when your hangers are nicer and all matching. It's just better Zen we'll say...

Some like to organize their closet by color coordinating however I don't prefer that way. I like to organize in more of a 'waterfall' way. Starting form the back of my closet I go from pants, to capris, to dresses, to jacket/blazers, to button downs, to long sleeve, to short sleeve/crop tops, to tanks. For me this is more functional because I know exactly where to look when I want something particular. Then I hang my newer/most worn/staple items in the very front, almost sectioned off into their own little space. This is what works for me, try out a few ways until you find what works best for you!

I like to have a little style board that I update seasonally to keep me inspired, and that's just one way I make it my own. I believe it's important to make your closet another extension of who you are. While I encourage looking to others for inspiration - don't make a carbon copy of it. Make your closet YOUR closet.

If you don't have a closet here's a list of alternatives I found for you!

What I Use:

Garment Racks:

Closet Organizers/Build Your Own:

Wardrobe Armoire:

Are you / have you cleaned your closet out for spring?! 
What steps do you take?! Comment below!